Faithful Shepherd

They’re wondering where You’re at in all of this?

Will they just spiral into a dark abyss?

Did you have somewhere else to be?

Or were You watching while sipping Your morning tea?

So many think of You as some cynical king

Sitting back waiting for us to kiss Your ring

Hurts to even write those words…

For I know You are the faithful Shepherd who herds

I know you’re not wielding your gavel in hand

Wanting, waiting to judge all; every man…

I know your heart aches for ever lost soul

Hoping they would let you play your role

Of King, of Lord, Father of all

Majestic in splendor, will they hear Your call?

By Amy Blount 2020


10 Replies to “Faithful Shepherd”

  1. Amy, that was good. Yes He loves us very much, and because he loves us so much he allows us to go through difficult times so we learn to rely on him and not on ourselves, and so we share in his holiness, and to strengthen and mature us in our walks of faith.

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