Calling The Called

Will the church be the church in a time like this?

Or will it leave the lost swirling in a deep abyss?

Will the church be the church, hold out its hand?

Or will it leave the lost, wandering the desolate land?

Will the church be the church and take the lead?

Or will it be absent leaving the lost thirsty, in need?

Will the church be the church run to the front lines?

Or will it leave the enemy to his own designs?

I’m calling the church, I’m calling the called

Will we step up or leave them apalled?

What will they see when they see you and me?

Will we be something they want to be?


24 Replies to “Calling The Called”

  1. Amen! ❤
    Matthew 5:16 KJV
    Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

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  2. This is the challenge we, as the Church, face. Your poem says it all, Amy. I pray that we can step up to the challenge and not be ashamed at the end of it all. Such a thought-provoking poem, Amy. Thank you!

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  3. We can be the church online, but what about in person right now? That is what I am thinking about. Under all these new laws and restrictions, where we have to social distance from one another, and we have to be 6′ apart out in public, but where we aren’t even supposed to be outside our homes except to get necessities or to exercise or to visit family, how can we be the church in person without disobeying the governing authorities? And, if everyone is inside their homes, who would there be out there to be the church to right now? Just some thoughts going through my head, especially as they are talking about this lasting much longer, and thinking about the persecuted church in Bible times and what they did. Just thinking ahead right now. Good poem, BTW! Enjoyed it!!

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    1. Unsaved loved ones who have always known us as the church are going to turn to us…believe in our prayers, believe in our relationships with God. We need to be primed in prayer, steadfast in faith ready and annointed when they need us.

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      1. Yes! Yes! I agree! We need to be ready now, and we need to be ready in the future, too, to be our Lord’s hands and feet in sharing with them the love, the compassion and the truth that is in Christ Jesus, our Lord, regarding his way of salvation from sin, and his way he has for us to walk in, and his way in which he helps us, guides us, speaks to us and heals us, too. Thank you, Amy.

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  4. A poignant poem. Thanks. In my neighborhood Christians are writing Bible verses and encouraging messages on the sidewalks with colored chalk for people to see while they are out on their walks. It brought tears to my eyes the first time I saw it and I thought, what a wonderful idea! So, even though we’re all on a lock down of sorts, I see that there are still creative ways to reach out. God bless!

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