Amy’s Inside World

Hi all. Just feeling like writing tonight. Sharing some thoughts that I know most of you can relate to.

I can count on my fingers the amount of times the kids and I have left our over the past two weeks. The weather in Indiana is yucky, rainy and usual for this time of year. The thought I had on that…well with the weather yucky, it’s a blessing in disguise because it keeps more people in their homes.

Stock piled with doubles and triples of the essentials. Big frequent meals all in the name of we have it, we bought it, we need to eat it type of thinking. Except the next thought is, what if they close the grocery stores? No food. Don’t eat it!! Hour later, stomach growling one of them long, slow, bored sounding gurgles….Eat! They won’t close the stores…they’re essential.

My thought pattern goes something like this throughout a day…

Wow my family and I have done pretty good. No major arguments. I love these people and I couldn’t imagine being stuck in this situation with anyone else…to

Did I really just hear him make that sound again? Ugh these kids…I need out of here….NOW! ! !….to

What if one of us gets sick? Did we take too many chances going for what we thought were essentials?….to

When daily life gets back to normal I’m gonna do this…to

I kind of like this break from all the have to’s…

God, protect us. Keep us.

If I overwhelmed you, I apologize because that’s not my intent. Neither is it to bare my feelings so I can have you all diagnose me with anxiety. I just believe that the majority of us, have these thoughts. Have these feelings.

A friend of mine called to check on me today. Called to hear my voice. It was nice. Really nice. I got to thinking recently about not hearing from this person or that person. I even caught myself saying that times like this will show you who your true friends are. And some of that may be true…I did have the thought or maybe God was telling me; those who you think have abandoned you that don’t really care may still care; they may just be going through alot and having alot of these same thoughts. These thoughts may be paralyzing them with fear to just get through each day.

If you’re having these fleeting thoughts but you’re not paralyzed with the fear…then check on your people. Not just the people inside your inner social ring but go to the outer ring of your social circle and check in.


11 Replies to “Amy’s Inside World”

  1. I think your thoughts are, indeed, common to all. Glad to see you’re stocked up. Not that we want to be like the guy in the Parable of the Rich Fool (Luke 12.16 – 20), but I think it’s wise to be prepared, like the wise virgins (Matthew 25). God blesses wise.
    When I wonder who my friends are, I remember that communication works both ways. 😊 Me, I prefer notes, cards, and e-mails. Never have liked the phone.
    Love your crochet blanket! I enjoyed seeing the progression.

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  2. Checking in on you, Amy. Yes, what is going on in the world and in America is mind-boggling, for certain. There are so many different messages thrown at us daily, and sometimes someone says one thing one moment and then later they say something different, so it is kind of like playing a game of table tennis with the ball being hit back and forth from one side to the other. So, the information can be very confusing.

    It is all a major change from what we are used to, and we aren’t certain from day to day what the news will be next, or what new restrictions might be handed down to us, etc. And, this is why we just have to rest in Jesus. We have no real control over what is happening in the world, but God does. So, we just have to trust him that he has this under his control. Good will come out of it.

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  3. I think we can all relate. These are unprecedented times and it can be frightening. But we know that we have a good God who has promised to meet our needs! We can trust Him and we should trust Him, even and especially when everything around us seems completely out of control. God bless you and yours, Amy!

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