One Final Call

Can you hear that sound around the world?

As controlled chaos becomes unfurled?

Can you hear the panicked cries from those who know?

“Stay home, don’t let it grow!”

Can you hear the mockers’ laughter ring?

While in denial, silly songs they sing…

Can you hear the selfish that want it all their way?

Feeding their lusts, come what may…

But I hear a different sound loud and clear

Hoof beats of my Savior galloping near

His eyes are searching throughout all lands

Seeking surrender from our lifted hands

I hear His heart at it speaks to all

Heeding, warning us to one final call…

People, which are called by My name

Humble yourselves, you’ll never be the same

Pray, seek Me, turn from the wicked way

I will hear you, forgive you this very day

I shall do a new thing, it shall spring ahead

A great revival will emerge in this plague’s stead


32 Replies to “One Final Call”

  1. Reminds me of the battle cry in Les Mis. Beautiful, inspirational and it sings to my heart. Your talent is being used to encourage many. Keep it up!

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  2. Awesome Amy! I pray you are right! A true revival is desperately needed in the world right now.

    Many see this a a God thing and it is because He is all knowing. But I see this an attack of the devil…the way he did Job just on a massive level.

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  3. Beautiful poem, and it’s so true. I believe that God is giving us this time to make our hearts right with Him. Some seem to know that our Saviour is near while others just carry on with no thought of God. It reminds me of the days of Noah. So as bad as this crisis is, we know that there is yet worse to come before Jesus comes. I pray that He will give us the strength to face whatever is still to come.

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      1. In regards to Noah…yes, me too, and I’m sure we are seeing those days now. My prayers to God now, is to give me the strength to face what is coming, because we know before He comes horrible things are going to happen. As horrible as this crisis is, according to the Bible there is still more, but the good thing about it is that the gross darkness will be swift and short. This is where we will see His wrath. We know He came as a Lamb before, but He is returning as a Lion, making that separation between good and evil. He is coming, our Awesome Jesus will return for His faithful children.

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        1. Your words are a comfort to me as I keep questioning…”is this the end?” My big imagination keeps playing out scenarios that frighten me. But I reel myself back in…(this happens often) I’ve been trying g to remind myself of other pandemics like the spanish flu, or the depression years or even world wars and what that daily fear must’ve felt like for those living through it. I told my girls today we will talk about the big virus one day in past tense

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          1. It is a pretty scary situation. I’m not sure if any one can honestly say that they haven’t had moments….and that’s ok. This is where we really have to hang tightly to Jesus praying for protection and safety. We also know from the bible that many of God’s prophets had week moments. I claim the promise found in Psalm 91:10-11 No evil shall befall you, Nor shall any plague come near your dwelling; For He shall give His angels charge over you, To keep you in all your ways.

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