Staying Busy…AND normal

Hi all. After a day of shoo-ing out fear and answering questions to my girls of why would God allow this, I knew we needed some normalcy or fun somehow. So we took to the woods behind our home. One side of our property is a cornfield and the other side we live along a creek that runs into the woods directly behind us. The usual arguement around here is…where is the front yard? The yard that faces the highway or the yard that faces the road? Or the yard that faces the field? Bottom line though, we are blessed.

So no school today for the girls and we made list of the things we may be able to see in the woods. We all got our rubbery boots on and grandma came over and we hit our woods. I thought of you that read my stuff that haven’t been able to get out and thought you may enjoy these finds we found along the way. (BTW…I’ve been to the woods and to the dollar store once all week)

Things on the list:

Deer and raccoon tracks

Black, gray and white rock

Tree nut

Something made by a human

Loose tree bark


Sycamore leaf

Spider web

Forked stick

Only thing we didn’t find was the spider web. This adventure took our minds off of everything and calmed us considerably. We had a nice dinner and a calm evening where daddy taught the girls how to make yarn dolls and I retaught myself to crochet.

This one is my favorite. The vertical lines in nature are awesome

Abigail was the clipboard Keeper. She did a real good job and enjoyed herself so much
Leah insisted on a pic in front of the cool leaves that seem to light up against a backdrop of darker colors
Inside of a walnut…such pretty colors
The walnut tree it fell from
Wild onion. We all took a sniff and then we were ready for lunch!

Fallen uprooted tree..reminds me of the scripture in Ecclesiastes: As the tree falls so shall it lie…
Also reminded me of this saying. Lol

Aren’t they cool? Whatever they are. Reminded me of coral underwater
Huge sycamore!
Walking back home from the woods for lunch! What a great time we had.

43 Replies to “Staying Busy…AND normal”

  1. Great photos, Amy! I love to see where everyone else lives. I walked through our woods yesterday too, with my dogs. πŸŒ³πŸŒ²πŸ•πŸˆ

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  2. Neat photos! ❀ Glad you all got to enjoy the outdoors. We had a woods behind the farm house I grew up in with a maple sugar camp. It had a long lane back to the woods. I loved going back especially when our Amish neighbors were cooking up the maple sugar. (The best syrup in the world!) We road on mud boats and helped collect the sap. We also would ride our horses back to the woods. We saw a lot of gorgeous sunsets! I miss having a full view toward the west. I had a lot of prayer time as a young girl while watching the sun go down. God gave us a beautiful world to enjoy as seen in your photos. I love the close up of the fungus and I believe Abigail hugging the tree. 😊 Love and miss you all! 😘

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  3. Ah, this was so good for my soul! THANK YOU for posting!
    I love the list you guys made up before you left – so creative and intelligent.
    Love the get-your-hands-dirty in the onion picture. Did you bring them back and cook with them?
    And every-single-one-of-your-pictures! 🧑
    The smiles in your pictures tell me the walk was good for your souls, too. God does provide such wonderful blessings!

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    1. Thanks Kathy. It was wonderful. Today we be school and ham and beans for dinner. Focus on the tasks of each new day and hold on til all clear.
      I did find a YouTube video and started a blanket! I’m excited to get to it this evening.

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      1. Trying to stay as healthy as possible as I do have auto immune issues. The cases where I am are growing each day, but no where near the amount in the US. We now have over 1300 in Canada and growing each day. I hope and pray that they won’t go much higher than that.

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  4. We have woods and a creek right behind us, and we enjoy it much. I have been avoiding being outside because of the pollen in the air, but I hope to get back out there real soon. Thank you so much, Amy, for your story and your pictures. πŸ™‚

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  5. Going outside into the woods and nature is a great way to get your mind off the scary virus thing that is going on around us. We live in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, way out of town along a dirt road. There is still about 2 feet of snow on the ground so we cannot go to the woods yet but take daily walks along the road which is most relaxing. Thank you for sharing you day with us. Blessings and stay safe. Elfriede

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  6. “…nice dinner and a calm evening where daddy taught the girls how to make yarn dolls and I retaught myself to crochet.” Nice ending to the day – y’all sound like “Little House on the Prairie.” πŸ˜‰ It IS nice to rediscover the fun of being creative. Too often we settle for entertainment.

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