Antidote to Crippling Fear

Hi all. I told myself I probably wouldn’t post much with all that’s going on, but something happened to me today that I want to share with you…

The thing I keep hearing myself saying to my girls over these past days is, “Many homes, many families and many kids are facing the same thing we are. The letdown feelings when big events get cancelled. The fear and even the boredom.”

I devised a plan to make a signal for our family when the walls are closing in on us and the sight of one another gets to be too much…Operation Alone Time! We all have a designated place we will go and the one rule is no one is to question why, just stop what they’re doing and go to their alone place. Pray it works, y’all.

After this talk with my girls this morning, and a little while after our devotion and prayer time, something happened to me. I became very shaky and a bit disoriented. I felt it in my hands all the way to my feet. I kept moving in the kitchen with my task all along worrying I would fall over any minute. I asked myself what is this? The cold I’ve had? Low blood sugar? Then it hit me…anxiety, adrenaline. It was exactly that. Fear was about to cripple me.

I had just prayed, why was this happening to me? And what should I do?

I sat down at my table and I prayed again. I bound the spirit of fear in Jesus name about 4 to 5x’s before I felt it leave my home out the front door. I didn’t see it but I felt it leave. I loosed the spirit of peace coming down from heaven upon me and my home and my family.

It was gone. The physical symptoms were gone. A peace filled my home. God is real. He is here. He hears us. He answers prayers and He brings peace.

I will never see this verse the same after today. May it help you as well.


36 Replies to “Antidote to Crippling Fear”

  1. Our intangible emotions have real, physical ramifications.
    And, evil powers must always bow to the glory of our Almighty God.
    You are a wise woman to call upon the Name of your Great Protector.

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      1. I caught a bug. Yech. Belly issues. Pretty quiet over here. And we have a blizzard. So staying inside works pretty well.
        Did you have a good time in your woods?
        I love your “Operation Alone Time” strategy.
        I want crochet pictures. 😊

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  2. Absolutely He is real and ever-present! My word for 2020 was ABIDE… so, I’ve been practicing how to abide in Jesus. Little did I know I would have this kind of opportunity to grow in abiding in Him. So glad you felt His spirit around you today! To God be all glory! 🙌🏽. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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