What Are You Afraid Of? — Unshakable Hope

This says it all.

If you don’t follow Bill, you should. He helps us keep life, suffering, pain and most importantly faith in perspective.

The public is panicking over this Coronavirus. Sporting events have been canceled, churches are vacant, and grocery shelves are all but empty. Many people in America are in fear of contracting this virus, so they’re hunkering down at home. Having overcome the fear of death, contracting the virus is way down on the list of […]

via What Are You Afraid Of? — Unshakable Hope


12 Replies to “What Are You Afraid Of? — Unshakable Hope”

      1. Yes, I’m following him now. ☺ I have to smile now though, Amy – when I first read your words,’do you follow Bill?’, I thought it was going to be a post about alcoholics anonymous! 😂
        Bill (our WordPress one) is totally amazing and inspiring. 🙌

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