Amy’s Spring World

Hi all! Well my youngest is a paleontologist. You buy the little stone and dig out the bones to snap together, but she’s still working on it. Abigail got herself a 3-D puzzle by Melissa and Doug toys. So much fun.

So here’s where the chicken saga begins. Our hen went broody, meaning she sat and sat and sat on her eggs…so my husband started shoving more eggs under her. Her name is Mother Hen. So she sat on about 15 eggs or so. Then one hatched and my girls were over the moon about it. The first baby is named Onsie, poor guy if it turns out to be a boy. Lol…Then a few more hatched. My husband held one in his hands and helped one hatched.

After this, Mother Hen didn’t behave the same. She began to peck at her babies. So this baby came in for a night. The girls were so happy to have a chick in the house!

This one is named Glenda. Sorry, Sister Glenda (our pastor’s wife) but you’re loved so much by our girls!

Little over a week ago they were sledding in the snow here in Indiana. By today, they were running through the yard in rain boots and sweatshirts.

Homeschool is going strong. I’m starting to feel ready for the summer break, but will have to suffice for spring break. I’ve been gathering and planning for next year’s books. It’s refreshing to know what to buy compared to last year. We’ve been using Abeka curriculum and I love it. The writers use the same methods throughout the grades which helps you as the teacher. I have been using a friend’s DVD’S of abeka video lessons…but I’ve made a decision to start teaching my little one for the rest of the year without the DVDs. They go so fast that I wonder how much my child even hears or retains. So pray for us.

The latest in Doves…well the girls put all their shoes in a pile, then got in 2 teams. On the count of 3, both teams ran to the pile and grabbed their own shows and put them on. First team standing with shoes on…won! The majority of the girls loved this.

We also did the hula hoop game where they have to pass it around without letting go of each other’s hands. This is a good way to teach them to help one another.

After some consideration, I decided to have a fb account recently. The most social media I ever do is here on WordPress. It amazes me, and scared me to see how quickly that platform can link people together. Before a few days were up, I had a ton of “friends” on there showing up in my feed. People who don’t even usually ask me how I am, who see me regularly, are posting sad or angry things out there for me to read. It brought me down quick. Many try to encourage with 3-liner quotes with pretty pictures, but after about 20 of those…well they all say the same 3 lines. Videos of dogs doing stupid things, babies rolling over with jelly on their faces, and image after image of the latest on the coronavirus. Even if it’s postings of how we shouldn’t be scared of it, it’s still getting the attention the devil desires to hype us up and scare us into to being distracted from God.

Maybe some people can get on there and be okay but for me, it settled down in my soul and left me feeling agitated, annoyed, tense and mostly distracted. THEN, God spoke to me through this post by Lisa, (read it, it’s good) and I knew exactly what I should do. I will be erasing that account very soon! The quickness and the connectedness of fb reminded me of this verse…a hint that we are in the end times.


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  1. Love this post Amy! You have a beautiful voice girl! And so precious is your baby’s excitement about the new chicks! Love the pics!

    Looks like I need to come play at your house! I would totally dig digging for dinosaur bones! 😆😁

    I totally agree with not being a fan of fb! After worrying over, crying over, and getting hurt by some of the things that certain people constantly shared many times daily, it hit me that I no longer needed that kind of negativity dished up to me on a platter. It has actually caused several family rifts! I won’t delete my account because I have years of precious family photos on there. I no longer keep up with what’s going on with everyone from church, family or friends. I’ve made it known, if there’s something I need to know, text or call me personally. I use to have what I called scroll-itis! If it was something I didn’t agree with or bad language, I just kept scrolling. But it got to be too much! Most every post was a complaint of some sort….so here I am, blogging. I absolutely love the positivity I find here!

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      1. The Lord really touched him Amy! I credit it to prayers! He was in a terrible way! As far as the neck surgery went, he is still having a few problems with the grip in his right hand….may be due to the nerves from the surgery…more tests for that and off at least 2 more weeks from work. Thanks for asking!

        If you lived closer, I just might have popped in for a play day 😂 Sounds like it would be a lovely visit with you and the kiddos!

        My sister finally got rid of all her chickens! I could not believe it! She loved her chickens, but she worked too much. Now, the only chickens she has is the fake ones in her kitchen! 😂

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        1. Lol! Things get anymore crazy in this country we may be having chicken for dinner every night!
          Glad he’s doing well.
          Would love to hang out with you! We may be coming down to Missouri this summer. We could meet there!

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          1. 😂 I do love me some chicken! 😂 I wish I could meet ya in Missouri! I live two states away. With hubby being out of work so long, it may take till summer for us to get back on track financially. Who knows though? Wish a bunch of us here could meet someday in one place! That would be so awesome! 👏🏼

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      1. I agree Amy. It becomes an addiction. When you delete your Facebook account, they keep it on standby for 30 days in case you change your mind. It took me several tries to wait the full 30 days for it to be gone entirely. Yes, the devil certainly has a field day with Facebook.

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  2. ❤ Prayers with Leah and school! I’m ready for summer break too, hopefully spring break will give us a nice little break. The chicks look so fun!

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  3. The paleontology stone looks like a bar of Ivory soap, 😊, but it would be fun to dig and put together. And, the castle / carriage thing is a 3-D PUZZLE?? That’s cool.
    I love that spring weather is so unpredictable – even when they predict it. Yesterday was sunny and 60’s; today is cloudy, blustery, and low 40’s. Taking a walk is a hit-or-miss ambition.
    Life is busy with a husband, kids, and chicks! Looks very fulfilling. 🧡

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