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1) Who was your family growing up?

My dad, mom, sister. I had my aunt and my grandparents both of whom I spent more time with than my actual parents. My aunt and grandmother put in alot of their time taking care of me and my sister. I’ll always be grateful they were able to spare us some.

2) Who is your family now?

My husband(Hi Mike!) My daughters, mother-in-law who rocks, my sister, dad and my aunt.

3) Where did you grow up?

I mostly lived in South Bend, In. Moved alot. Switched schools alot. Never stayed in one place for very long.

4) Where do you live now?

Indiana but not South Bend, the coolest thing is we’ve lived in our home for 8 years! 8 years in one place. God is good. What intrigues me are those who want to pack up and move…not me. Feels good to stay put.

5) What did you want to he when you became older?

My earliest memory is wanting to be a teacher. Also a optometrist.

6) What do you do now?

I’m a homeschool mom surviving our first year at it. A homemaker and wife. I consider the ministries I’m involved in part of my job as well.

7) What is your earliest memory?

I’m in an igloo of sorts; more of a snow fort built up against the mailbox pole. Everything is white. My dad and my sister were there. And my feet were cold.

8) What is one of your recent memories?

I don’t know if this means the recent memory I have reflected on…if so, I’m in an igloo……lol!

If not that then, I just made a memory for the girls and I when I tucked them in. My little one begs for a story most nights. Tonight I obliged. It was nice.

9) What do you consider your greatest achievement so far?

I guess I would have to say the day I asked the Lord to forgive me of all my sins(addiction that I was bound by, among others) I can’t take credit for the rest because it is God who does the rest.

Perfect verse for that:

10) What is your biggest hope in life?

Wouldn’t we all say, to make it to Heaven? Other than that, my hope is to see my girls grown, independent, and saved living for God. My hope is to see other very close loved ones sold out for God.

Thank you Gail for the nomination! This was a fun tag.

This nomination is open to anyone would love a chance to reflect and see just how good God has been to you.


22 Replies to “The Before and After Tag”

  1. South Bend, IN was one of the places we lived when I was a little girl. I still remember my first best friend there, Annie.
    One of the perks of moving around a lot is that you don’t end up collecting a bunch of stuff. After my folks settled down (my dad retired from the Air Force), they lived on a farm for 15 years, and made up for all the collecting they didn’t get to do before! Me, I kept moving every few years.
    I’m glad you had/have extended family ties (grandmother, aunt). I think those kinds of relationships teach us something.

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  2. Amy, I loved this! I identify with moving a lot, and I would love to stay put in one place for a long time, too. 🙂 I am glad that you have an “after” that is of God and that brings you peace and joy and freedom from your addiction. Amen! I am thankful to God for your new life in him that is not like your “before” life. Praise God! Love you much!! Sue

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