Amy’s Snowy World

This week the Doves learned how to sew using plastic needles and yarn. We punched holes into paperplates and let the girls pick their yarn. The larger plates were for the older girls who I knew would get done lickety split. So I put 2 small hearts on one plate to make it a bit more complicated for them. Although I know they’d all love to sew with fabric and thread, having 20 girls doing that at once just seems like a big undettaking.

Our Bible quiz team got another 3rd place trophy! These kids are amazing. They have, as of today, 120 verses memorized! I kid you not! And they have 100 more to go! How many verses do you have memorized with the location? It amazes me every time I hear them quote verse after verse. There’s other stuff that could be going into their minds, I’m so glad the word of God is getting inplanted in there.

These are all of Abigail’s ribbons for 2 1/2 years of quizzing. I finally got around to framing them. Her uncle who has passed away had this many as well when he quizzed. She takes after him for sure!

Indiana received a substantial amount of snow last week. We’ve been waiting all season for snow.

The chickens wouldn’t leave their front porch!
Even the big kid, daddy, went down a couple times!
Hey Vanessa check out my artist flare!


33 Replies to “Amy’s Snowy World”

  1. Wow, your ribbon board is evidence of great accomplishments! That’s a good point about Bible verses taking up brain space instead of other stuff.
    How fun to have a sled run in your yard! I would totally go down with you!

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