The Whole Truth Laid to Rest

Today I attended the funeral for the 2,411 remains found 5 months ago. Many of you who have read my blog know that the chance of one of them being mine was great. You also know God asked me not to do anything about it in the sense of stepping forward. You can read about that here.

I found out they were to be buried the night before the funeral. There was an odd feeling going through me as I was excited that I had an opportunity to go pay my respects and to get closure on what has been a tough road. Excited about a funeral? The answer is because I would be able to do something in case one of them were mine. To say to myself and those around me, “Hey, I did what I could. I was there.”

Indiana’s attorney general Curtis Hill spoke eloquently, keeping much of his emotion under wrap, stating the facts yet comforting those in attendance at the same time.

After he spoke, many clergy took turns to pray, comment, and sing. It was weird to say the least to hear different people from different walks of life share what they thought or how they thought to comfort. They each had their way which they deemed necessary to get their points across. And while one man offered a prayer that may have been better left unsaid, another spoke with sincerity and love, the very thing we as a pro-life society need to have at the end of the day.

Some took it as an opportunity to put opinions out there. To remind us that we were witnessing something so heinous, so out-there. But one man presented Jesus and served the dead by keeping it about love with sincere tears.

The moment I knew I’d be able to attend, I was finally able look back at the last 5 months and see how God was working. I could see why He wanted things the way that He did. I can tell you before that moment, I just couldn’t see God working. I kept thinking to myself that this was just one of them things you go through and never know why. One of those times when you’d have to wait to get to heaven to ask God why.

While it was so completely hard for me to listen to Him and do His will, I’m so glad that I did. Hindsight is 20/20 of course. But when it’s a God thing, hindsight is so much more! You can look back and see where He was working, shaping and molding. I can see where He was strengthening me and using me in the lives of others as I reached out to them for advice, guidance or just an ear.

The chairs where the family would sit were empty with a bundle of flowers on each chair.

I may never know if one of those were mine, but I will always know how God changed me through the not knowing. How He had His way in it for me and how He turned something good out of something so bad. Mostly how He showed me His blood truly covers ALL sin.

Last point I’d like to share with you, the reader, is to remember stories like mine when you’re hearing of a woman walking into a an abortion clinic. Remember she is a person who is troubled, who may not know God. This does not excuse her of course but rather remind yourself that God’s blood shed on calvary was for the sin of all mankind, even her sin. That she is a soul in need of making it to heaven someday, not to be scorned and put down in judgmental conversation.

48 Replies to “The Whole Truth Laid to Rest”

  1. I’m proud of you as well Amy!!
    I’m sorry you’ve went through this!! Like you said, God shed His blood on Calvary for ALL of mankind!!!
    I’m so happy you have closure now!!
    You are a wonderful person, when I see you I can feel the Lord’s presence just radiate through you and it’s such a peaceful, honest, joyful, bright, loving, caring, kind, beautiful feeling that is all around you!!
    God loves you and forgives you and He lives in you!!!
    God bless you Amy!! 😊

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    1. Thank you Kerry. Thank you for reading. I think we all sometimes look and think there are unforgivable sins. Things done by mankind that should go down to the puts of hell because they are just so wrong. Imagine Charles Manson or Jeffery Domer being forgiven, set free on a pew with you at church. We all have to forgive the sinner no matter the sin. The coolest part of it all is that God doesn’t bat an eyelash at any of these things done. Sure it breaks His heart but when it they repent and are sorry He automatically forgives that person, throws that sin into the sea of forgetfulness, and starts a work in that person. He is always making ways out of no way. He is always working all things together for our good. Roman’s 8: 28

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  2. Dear Amy, I read through this post and I reread the post you linked to, in this post. There is not one word that you wrote that I do not agree with. I can’t even imagine the battle that you have been through but I do see the love and forgiveness throughout your testimony and if that isn’t an example of God’s love for us sinners, I don’t know what is. I’m so glad that you have reclaimed your joy in our Lord. And I’m also so glad that He gave you this opportunity for closure and that you actually took it and that you had a friend there with you. Very grateful to that friend. None of us are without regrets yet because of God’s love, we have indeed been forgiven. And thank you for having the courage to share this, your courage is rare and speaks of the maturity in Christ that has taken root in you. If I could hug you I would. God’s continued grace, peace and blessings to you and yours. – Bruce

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    1. Awe Bruce thank you so very much for your kind words. I believe there are more Amys out there who are in need of the revelation of what God’s forgiveness can do for them. And while our state of Indiana laid to 2,411 babies (such an outstanding number when you really think about it) the Lord is still triumphant and might in battle. He still wins!
      Hey Bruce we got a bunch of snow past night and more tomorrow!

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  3. Thank you for sharing, Amy. I saw LiveAction share the video on my Facebook but I scrolled by, not realizing what it was. It’s odd how those unborn were recognized as humans that day when so many say they aren’t and don’t deserve to be mourned. I am sorry for what you went through but I’m so glad you had a sense of closure from the service.

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  4. Wow! Very difficult and hard, yet fantastic post, Amy… in so many ways! Thank you for your real and open honesty!! I pray peace like a river floods you and your family and may draw even closer to loving kindness of the Spirit of the Lord!!! Thank you, my sister!!

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    1. Thank you so much. A glory light sounds like a big job…but with God? All things are possible. I think many are satisfied and are calmer now knowing those children are laid to rest.


  5. This was powerful! Wow. I’m sure it was very hard to share, but I love that God can turn beauty from ashes. And I know that your story of healing, forgiveness, and redemption can so greatly help others. Thank you for being vulnerable and open with your readers!! Hugs!

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    1. Thanks Stu. I didn’t expect the funeral and burial to be here in this area I thought it would in the state’s capital for some reason. But they were right to bury them here in the area they were from. 10 mins away from my house! Just glad I was able to attend.

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  6. Amy I have to confess—I cried all through this! There’s something about God’s healing love covering our sorrows, our mistakes, our fears and everything that concerns us, that comforts me greatly. You are right, He does not bat an eye. We can’t comprehend that kind of love with our human reasoning. He’s God, and we are not. I pray everyday that I can be that person who shines that love that lives inside me. He never stopped loving me, even at my worst! So we should follow in His footsteps and extend the same mercy and forgiveness to others, just as we have been by Him. I’m glad you could get the closure you needed. Much love and prayers my beautiful friend.

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