I Gotta Say,

I thought I’d ran you away

Until you showed up that day

Like you’d never been gone

Like it hadn’t been so long

With your gripping tools in hand

Stealing my ticking grains of sand

I forgot what you felt like, fear

Until you shouted lies again in my ear!

You’re a spirit straight from hell

Who’s design is to drain my well

But you can’t mess with the King’s daughter!

Out of my belly flows rivers of living water!


23 Replies to “I Gotta Say,”

  1. Fear is a liar! And his predecessors are doubt and worry.

    Fear not, for I am with you always!

    Cast your burdons upon me for my home is easy.

    Man, if we could take those and do it maybe those pesky aggravating demons would leave us alone. I for one am tired of them hanging around.

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