Run to the Streets

Stress stressin you out; run to the pack

Did it take away the anxiety attack?

Long week, bills due; run to the bar

Did alcohol wash away money due on the car?

Pain comes peircing your heart; run to the pill

Who’s in charge? Where is your will?

Boss riding your back; run to the pot

You’re late again, pink slip is all you got

No job, no money, all day pain

With a handful of addictions to sustain

Eviction notice and no where to go…

Run to the streets; now your problems grow

Head hanging down low, sober feels too strange

Your sign reads “Can you spare some change?”

Where can you run now wayward son?

Two options left when it’s all said and done

Pick the One that gives you life

Pick the One that can end all strife

It’s never too late to turn to Him

He won’t hold a grudge against your sin

He’ll pick you up, put you back on you feet

He will get you off the dirty street

He will wash you white as snow

Until peace and joy is all you know


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