Amy’s Christmas Break World

Well life has been different these past few weeks with our routine being thrown off. The time away from it was a nice reprieve but I look forward to getting back to it. We humans…..never satisfied.

Chewy mask from inside a happy meal. Who knew a piece of cardboard could bring so much fun? Christmas was nice. We had to strip the tree down and put up new lights a redecorate it. Funny thing…you’d think the kids would be all, “Yippee we get to decorate the tree again!” They weren’t any more thrilled at the thought of it as we were. But we got it done. And we will remember the year we had to decorate the tree twice!

Abigail made me this for Christmas! It took her a long time. I collect nativity scenes and she made me one using a shoe box. All the people and the manger are made from the side she cut out! She wanted to give it to me early because I would need it before the holiday to decorate with. So absolutely thoughtful….but then so are these bad boys? Check em out. My youngest picked these up for me and was just so excited because she knew I’d love them. Lol

Abigail’s favorite gift was unicorn bedding!

Leah loved her doll head who got a make over the next day!

We’ve been blessed with a cool play area at the library where we spent a couple free days over break. This is a puppet show put on by Leah.

Even Lexi was able to go with us as she had time off from her day services.

Crafts kept them busy too. This was a sticker project that leah did.

And Abigail did a sewing board craft. This taught her the basic stitch and the back stitch! These both are made by Melissa and Doug toys, they make the best toys.

A dusting of snow hit us today but not enough for snowpants and sleds.

What I’ve been learning lately is that being a planner, sometimes a meticulous planner, isn’t always best. I’ve always loved planning ahead. Probably because my childhood environment was out of control. I guess I find comfort in trying to know what’s coming next. But there’s a couple things wrong with that…

One: I find myself tense most days as I try to get everything in a row, to pan out the way I intend. And when it doesn’t, it causes stress down the line onto the kids and anyone else around me. I find myself more often these days asking, “Why not just roll with it?” This is huge. And not easy to do.

Two: More importantly, I’ve been wondering if I have each day, sometimes weeks planned, how can God get in and have His way in my life? How can I hear His will over the chaos of my mind?

Is the comfort of having things/events planned meticulously, worth missing out on hearing God’s voice?


20 Replies to “Amy’s Christmas Break World”

  1. Everytime I see your children Amy and how involved you are with them, and the smiles on their faces, it demonstrates to me the good mother that you have become and I’m pretty sure I know your source of goodness. Just wanted you to know that all that you do really matters! Grace and blessings.

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  2. I loved your thoughts here Amy! I share your feelings about change. I don’t like it! I like to know what comes next, but God sure has His way of showing us that we have to roll with the punches!
    It looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas break! Your girls are beautiful, and so is their mom! 🙂

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  3. The Chewy mask photo is adorable.
    Very cool crafts.
    “I’ve been wondering if I have each day, sometimes weeks planned, how can God get in and have His way in my life? How can I hear His will over the chaos of my mind?” I think that, as you plan, you include God right there. It’s not like you’re excluding Him when you plan. Of course, flexibility is always crucial. God likes surprises, and He likes how we respond, and He likes to teach, too.

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