What If

If I had gone left rather than right

Could I have avoided this from my sight?

Had I waited in the car and not gone in

Would I have avoided the aftermath of another’s sin?

Had I just said the words you needed to hear

Would you be close to my heart; near

If she had allowed me to go with him

Rather than thinking a child is a possession to win

Would I have been spared the emotional pain

A life not lived in disdain

But…….what if it all had not been that way?

Would You have found me ready that day?

You showed me what more wrong turns would do

You showed me to let go and trust You.


12 Replies to “What If”

    1. Oh to go back to your age and things I would change. I’m thinking that if you have what if moments, then that might mean you’re taking time to look at your life, your decisions and be serious about them. This, my dear, will help you not have so many what if moments in your later years.
      I read your posts and I can tell under the stress of college life….you’re loving every minute of it in a mature way! Keep your chin up. And keep us posted on your life

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      1. Hi I know in 2018 I did what if I had prayed read the Word more and whatever else I said when my loved on who later died wasn’t doing well I know the what-if’s of life

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      2. Awe, thank you so much for the encouragement! It’s really hard to feel unsure in college when I’m supposedly an “adult” already, but getting kind feedback from the older bloggers in my community is so reassuring! I will for sure!

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