On Heaven’s Swings

Can you hear the sound metal against metal makes?

Back/forward motion, as each chain, its turn it takes

Can you see the little feet dangling high?

Hear fulfilled laughter after a deserving sigh?

No more sorrow, no more pain

Nothing left but eternity to gain

They sit upon the golden boards for hours…

And gaze upon miles of fields of flowers

Can you hear the wind pushing against their faces?

As they swing up high in heavenly places

Can you hear the metal on metal as it dings?

As a giant dinner bell the door keeper rings

Jumping down; wind in their hair

Giggles and laughter only fill the air

As they run for dinner into His marvelous Light

Where eternal love and happiness shine forever bright

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18 Replies to “On Heaven’s Swings”

  1. On heaven’s swing, a soul trying another glimpse… of Daddy’s heart. A heart learning how to soar even higher, trying to get a little closer… to the Fathers love. His is the wind, the love that takes your every breath. Someday, your soul and His heart… meet face to face! Lovely share!

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  2. This gave me absolute chills Amy!!! It was as if I could feel the happiness and see that scene unfolding! Could even hear that squeaky swing!

    Won’t it be wonderful there! Having no burdens to bear, joyously singing, with heart bells all ringing! Won’t it be wonderful there? 🙌🏼💜💜💜

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