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I chose this photo of the Bansai tree because it is how I envision your life spiritually. The old you is cut off. The new you is being carefully cultivated, watered, fed, cared for and pruned daily by God.

My friend Stu came up with Stu’s World, where he gives a weekly post of what’s going on in his world. I stole his idea few months back, but I haven’t been weekly with my posts. He recently had an image he made for his posts and I told him I wanted one and he made me one! The caption above is what he said about me. The coolest part of it is that lately I’ve been thinking of stopping my blog because I didn’t feel useful. I felt that it was just me writing out into a void. I’m sure most of you can relate to this feeling at on time or another. Then, bam! A guy from down yonder in the good ole South reads my Yankee posts and can tell that I’m a bonsai tree. Made me feel useful and little like Mr. Miyagi. (Corny I know, either you get or you don’t)

My most recent poem sure got alot of comments and nice things said. I really didn’t intend to hang myself out there, so to speak. Sadly, I’m still feeling Part 1 and can’t fathom, for the life of me, how Part 2 will turn out…or when. Pray for me as I come to grips with something, a hurdle of sorts. But my newest thought I will share with you is that I don’t want to walk wounded. I don’t want this to be my lot in life. I’m not satisfied with that feeling and I intend to get victory. And when I do, I plan to help others. That’s all I know.

The tree is up and it’s officially Christmas time at our house. Don’t ask where the usual sparkly garland is as the tree and I got into it this year. I won by punishing the tree with no sparkle.

My mother in law retired. I’m curious to watch her fill in her days. Even tonight at the mid week church service she lingered afterward. So weird considering she always had to get going home to get to bed for work. I’m sure she will have some adjustments to make here and there but I expect a lot of crocheting and baking going on at her house.

Little miss Abigail and I went down to Indy over the weekend where she won these two trophies in Bible quizzing. Being homeschooled has allowed more time to study. She got 1st place in her group and 2nd place over all. I look forward to watching her compete this season.

She has boy fever y’all! And she kept chasing this boy around. Kept trying to get his attention. This is me lecturing her that boys chase girls not the other way around. It’s not sinking in as you can tell by her face. Lord help her father and me.

We had our doves Christmas party this week where we made these adorable angel ornaments. Alot of preparation went into them but it was well worth it. The girls also frosted cupcakes and decorated them as if they were gingerbread houses.

Other than that I’ve decided to teach my middle daughter the clarinet if she is agreeable. Homeschool is still going good. My husband got a second deer, so we are eatin good around here.

My newest favorite verse:

Micah 7:7

For those of you who have been there, you know what this verse means. You’ve experienced it. For those of us still hanging in our situation wondering what will come about, this verse gives HOPE.

God bless


18 Replies to “Amy’s Busy World”

  1. What a wonderful post! I love it all.
    Your image for Amy’s World is so perfect. A New Life. You are a little like Mr. Miyagi.
    That is a very sparkly tree, and your girls are adorable in front of it.
    I’m betting Alice will love retirement. It’s full of possibilities.
    Abigail, oh Abigail! To her I say, “Congratulations on your trophies. You have much of God’s Word in your head. Listen to your mother!”
    Clarinet!? Do you play?
    What a great verse (Micah 7.7). So much hope, so much peace.

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    1. I played in school. I ordered her the abeka music theory 1 to get her started on reading music. Shed love to learn the piano bit we dont have one or the money for lessons at this time. So the clarinet it is. She’s too quick and too smart not to learn an instrument. I’m also hoping to add spanish next year. The way the child absorbs information is phenomenal. I don’t say that because she’s my kid, just that she needs more challenges, I think. I don’t want to do her a disservice by not giving her the opportunities that I can. I will tell her you said congratulations. She’s still hoping to meet you in heaven.
      If only I had Mr Miyagi’s patience…

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  2. Amy that tree looks great. Let that photo of the tree and the girls be your Christmas card for everyone!

    Congratulations Abigail for doing such a great job of memorizing those Bible verses, books of the Bible and where they are at. May those words stay written on your heart young lady!

    I want a gingerbread decorated cupcake. Those look like they were such fun to make 🙂

    No chasing boys!!

    That verse…YES!!

    I am very happy you like the photo I made for you!

    Mr. Miyagi😂

    Have a blessed Christmas sis!!

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  3. Tell Miss Abigail Ms. Renee says she can’t date until she’s married! 🙊😆😂 Just kidding! Congrats to her for her hard work in Bible Quizzing! And you certainly have a lot of busy going on right now! I know the feeling well my friend! Love the tree, angels and cupcakes! 😊😄❤️

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