Walking Wounded Part 1

How am I going to do this and not fail?

Each day a cry stuck in my throat; a wail

Did I really hear your voice telling me not to move?

Listening, remaining in this groove….

So each day I’m walking wounded, sludging through

Walking wounded, not seeing what You will do.

Some say its merely a scar not a wound

But the ear to my heart is finely tuned

It hurts today as much as it did then

As if it all happened again and again

Whatever will You do while I sit quiet?

Can you hear the sound in my heart, the riot?

How are you gonna fix the hole in my heart?

Before I bleed out and depart…

from this world of accepting I’m just wounded

Thinking from victory I must be excluded


17 Replies to “Walking Wounded Part 1”

  1. Amy, if you ever need to talk, I am here for you anytime. You can email me at cfservant@gmail.com and we can go from there. No pressure, just making myself available. We don’t have the same exact history, but we do share very similar wounds, so I feel with you. Victory is yours through Jesus Christ, your Lord. If the Lord can heal me and give me victory over all that I have been through in my life, he can heal anyone, and anyone trusting in him can know victory over the darkness and release from the prisons, too. I love you much and I am praying for you! Sue

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      1. Hi, check out this note I took from a sermon I have watched. Anything that touches the life of the believer no matter how difficult no matter how trying it wasn’t by accident it wasn’t by accident to get in there you’ve got the Father you’ve got the Son who gave Himself in your place the Father who decreed your Salvation your indwelt by the Holy Spirit of of God if it touches that life it has been allowed to do so by a loving Father a redeeming Savior a sanctifying Spirit it is a part of God’s purpose in your life the whole idea of purposelessness is banished by a recognition of what the Christian life really is no such thing as purposelessness evil anything that touches our life has been allowed to enter into that incredibly personal intimate place where my life has been hidden together with Christ There’s never a time the Father loses His attention span and something accidentally happens. Because when you think about it what the biblical teaching is if it’s touched my life it’s touched my life because God chose to allow it to do so out of love. What we need to remember what these inspired words tell us is that if it touches our life it has touched our life in God’s purpose and that purpose is wrapped up soaked in immersed in the love He has for His own.

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  2. I’ve been praying for you my friend. Even today you came to my mind! I believe victory is yours. We all are a little broken and wounded, but those scars are beautiful to our Daddy God! He truly understands our struggles! Beautiful heart-felt poem!

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  3. We have all felt void at some point in our life… just that empty feeling. For myself I focused on the fruits of the Spirit. Each day I would imagine filling that void with divine fruit. Not to mention, the whole armour of God. Our helmet is important because the enemy goes for our mind. I believe a empty space (what feels like void) is actually that part of spiritual transformation. Jesus is in the process of filling you with his fruit. Satan’s kingdom knows this and tries to interfere. Thankfully, we have our armour! ⛑️🗡️📖 Love you, Sister! 🤗💞

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