Reaching Out

Do you turn your eyes from me when I rebel?

Does my behavior cause your heart to repel?

Do you cringe, squeeze your eye shut tight?

Worry and wonder if I’ll make it through the night?

Or do you already know what I’ll eventually do?

Can you see what I’ll choose to make it through?

Or do you sit back confident and calm?

Knowing your forgiveness will be a peaceful balm…

Do you have assurance that I’ll figure it out?

Before I send myself back to the land without?

He Who hath designed and formed me

Is forever reaching out lovingly…


11 Replies to “Reaching Out”

  1. I can see this as a child of God to his/her Heavenly Father; or as a child to his/her earthly parent.
    As an earthly parent, I hope to always give my child the confident knowledge that I will always reach out reassuringly.

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  2. This has no words that can do it the justice it deserves! I hope you are working on putting all your poems together Amy! You have a true gift…I know Iโ€™ve said this before and others here. I think you need to hear it again… Keep the beauty flowing!….beauty for ashes!

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