Amy’s Thanksgiving World

We’ve had a busy week here. The girls had Doves Tues night and it went really well. We have 20 girls that show regularly every other Tues night to do crafts and such. I made these cupcakes and frosted them ahead of time. Each girl got to decorate their own. Here’s a pic of my girls’ turkeys. I couldn’t help but to think this is the kind of turkey a picky kid will eat.

The eyes are candy eyes you can find by the cake decorating section of the stores. The nose is a recesse pieces cut in half. And the gobble-gobble (whatever it’s called) is a piece of licorice.

The week was spent preparing for company to come and join thanksgiving with us. The girls and I had a wonderful idea to make salt dough ornaments ahead of time and let them dry. We then had adults and children painting them after dinner yesterday. It was a great way to calm down and relax the environment. I believe all that participated enjoyed it. I myself enjoyed it so much that I forgot to take pics!

The girls put a layer of white on them to provide a seal so the paint wouldn’t soak in

Wednesday was spent preparing for the meal. The girls both made a pie. They were super excited about this. Wednesday was one of those days where everything you touch and did, didn’t go right. At about 5 pm when I went to get something out of the cabinet and it fell and broke, I instantly realized that we didn’t pray that morning. It is such an important thing to do. And I know that some of those little things could have happened even had we prayed; but maybe I would’ve handled them with less stress.

Abigail did a cherry pie. Leah made a Carmel pie
Aren’t they great? Those who wanted to took their’s home.

Today we decorate our tree, watch Polar Express and have a sleepover in the livingroom. (Thanks Wendi)

And…we did pray this morning!


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