Amy’s November World

Hi all. School is still going good for the girls. We are settling into a routine. There isn’t as much hassle from them to get started in the mornings. They’ve come to see some of the benefits of being home. Like the first big snow we had last week.

While the schools were still in ssession, these girls were done with their work and outside freezing their toes off!

Watching the snow coming down!

Let me back up a minute as we did have a fall field trip just a couple weeks before the snow to the pumpkin patch. They had a blast.

Nothing better than a hayride to pick out a pumpkin. We also got our pottery back from our trip to paint pottery.

I know some of you are wondering how the keto diet is going. Well I’m half on and half off of it, I guess. It is a nice diet to be on as far as not starving, but I’m starting to get that “ugh if I have to eat another egg or avacado again” feeling. The results are fantastic for my husband but mine aren’t as great. But then again I’m sure it’s because I cheat when he’s not looking. Sorry Mike😁 I just don’t have your awesome willpower. In my desperation for sweets, I did make some fat bombs that curbed the cravings…

Cream cheese and peanut butter rolled in cocoa powder
These bad boys look great don’t they? Ever had a spoonful of straight coconut oil? That’s what these taste like. Very, very rich. Comment if you want the recipe

My husband has completed the first test for his CNC classes. He has been going to work at 4:30am until 3:30pm then heading to classes each night until 8 or 9pm. He is amazing to be able to do this. I pray he doesn’t push himself too hard, but I do hope to see him complete what he set out to do. He also shot us a nice doe this past Sunday. I look forward to having some deer meat back in the house to cook with.

If you follow SimplyWendi, then you’ve seen her posts about her book she published about how to make Christmas more memorable in a frugal way. I highly recommend it. I set out this year in my heart to make Christmas what it should be. About the Lord. About family and love. This is a bit hard to do with two young girls but we’ve really been trying to get them excited about all the other things that go into Christmas, rather than just gifts. They will get some gifts this year. But not as much as recent years. And with Wendi’s book, I now have a resource I can go to for new and fun ideas. Here’s her link to how you can get her book. Which is free on Kindle unlimited right now.

Now for what I’ve learned since my last Amy’s World post. I’ve harbored some judgemental thoughts and ideas about a certain individual. For many years I let a certain attitude rule me concerning this person. I couldn’t get past it. Past their mistakes. Past their decisions and all in between. I’m quite ashamed, to be honest. I didn’t want to feel or think this way but for some reason I couldn’t rise above and let things, I mean silly things, go.

The Lord showed me it was time to step up and own my actions and feelings. He also showed me how to go about it without it turning into WW3 because honestly no one needs to know all you think, it will only hurt. I was able to write a quick note apologizing for my rudeness, with a promise to always give this person a smile and a hello from now on. I don’t write this to brag, but to share. I belive there are many of us who deal with this kind of stuff. The bottom line, though, it’s sinful and not Christian behavior. A weight lifted when I handed over that card. I also came to a place that even if that card wasn’t well received, that’s ok too. Because I just needed to listen to the Lord on my end and do what’s asked of me.

Is the Lord asking you to do something similar? Does it feel impossible to do? One thing I’ve been slowly, very slowly, learning is that if God impresses upon your heart to do or not to do something; it’s best to listen to His will.


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  1. Oh my goodness Amy, I was reading your post and how your girls are doing well being homeschooled and praising God with you and then I came to the comments you wrote about the book……….tears flowed! Thank you so very very much, I am deeply humbled….

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    1. You’re welcome. We’re going to set up a small tree for the girls to do good deeds for one another and hang on that tree. We’re also having a sleepover the night we put our tree up. Pray my husband helps drag mattresses out to living room as I’m too old for floors!
      In our doves program at church we will be coloring a smile this coming Tues night. Wonderful way to give back!

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  2. Wow, wow, oh wow! So much to say about this, such a meaty post!! I love it.
    First, I’m wondering about the adjustment aspect of homeschooling your girls. Was there any pining for being with their friends at school, the activities they missed, or whatever? Sounds like they are walking through the stages of wisdom, knowing that all good things come from their Father’s hand, and that He works through their parents.

    Next: That amazing photo of the girls in their jammies looking out the window! Looks like a Christmas card to me. And I LOVE your window!

    How fun to take a trip with a big group to the pumpkin patch! We did that one year (when we were homeschooling). I found a recipe for pumpkin stew. You just make beef stew like always, but then pour it into a scooped-out pumpkin (or two or three, if they’re small), and put it in the oven to cook. You serve it in the pumpkin, and scoop out some of the pumpkin flesh as you serve. We took it to a friend’s house to share with them, and all the kids loved it. (We moms did, too.)

    Your pottery is cool – nice job! You’ll be able to keep those for years and years. (But can I just ask: What is it with girls going gaga over unicorns these days???)

    Peanut butter and cream cheese with cocoa???? Oh, my!!!! Sounds indulgently delicious. Dr. Josh Axe is ‘way into the keto diet, and he has lots of recipes. If you go to, you can hover over the Recipes menu, and ketogenic is one of the options, but he has a skillion for everything.

    I can believe Mike is doing well on the keto diet. Men always do better in that department. But, I was thinking it’s a very good diet for him to be on with his work/study schedule. He doesn’t have the carbs and sugars to slow him down and monopolize his immune system. I’ll bet he feels just as thankful as you do for the meat in the freezer. Venison is yum!

    So cool about Wendi’s book being a blessing to you, and you a blessing to her. I get goosebumps sometimes, when God lets me peek at how He works.

    I’m so proud of you and your brave heart for following the Lord in His direction for you. He asked you to do a hard thing, and you were obedient. Look at the blessings!!! And look at the blessings you give to so many others from your example.

    Thank you for sharing your heart with us, my Amy.

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    1. Well thank you kathy for your warm thoughts. Yum about the soup! Abigail is the one who misses her friends at school the most. But we are at the church with other kids 4 to 5x a week which is plenty for her. She is the kid though that is a leader. At public school whe would tell me how she got 29 or so kids together and put them on teams to play red rover, etc. So you can see how the pace would be a bit of a change to her. But she’s also scooping up the word of God each day here during devotions and van lead all the kids at church around all she wants. Lol. My mother in law says she can see such a change in their behavior and demeanor so I hold on to this when I start to worry.


        1. I am belching, constant supply of gas. While the cardiologist is doing the heart cath to rule out heart issues, the family doctor is chasing the GERD and belching issues. Besides, some dietary changes could cause a little weight loss, but FODMAP can also help with regularity issues. May be a good idea regardless.

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  3. The unicorn mug is awesome! Plenty big enough for some hot cocoa 😊

    That photo of the girls watching the snow come down with the pink blossoms on the trees and the horse dead center…perfection!

    Yoo-hoo for meat in the freezer! How much deer sausage can one eat 🤔

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  4. Cool pics and good photos! I’m so glad your girls are doing well with homeschooling and getting to play in the snow! I know you are treasuring the moments!…I know that had to be tough on your hubby, but will pay off later. 🙏🏼 I need to buy Wendi’s book soon! Sounds like the way Christmas should be!….
    And about those things the Lord impresses us to do, is sometimes the hardest thing ever! I will never forget one time praying about a certain situation in the early morning hours and felt God speak to my heart plainly what I needed to do. I fought it hard, because Inreally didn’t want to be embarrassed and was afraid of how it would be received, but I somehow did it. The Lord asked me to wash someone’s feet. I struggled with how I could do this. I even wondered where…but then we always have Ladies prayer meeting with a few ladies, on a Monday morning and I knew it was where it needed to be done. We all wept. Sometimes what we do has to be for us. The other person may not even accept the apology. At least we let our own guilt go. What they chose to do is up to them.

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  5. Good for you, writing that note. I hope it turns out as well as it did for me when I let something go out of sheer obedience (not because I felt like it at the time). Every time I would see that person and we would smile and exchange friendly, even warm words, it felt SO GOOD. Even if the person you wrote to doesn’t respond positively, be encouraged that you were obedient, and God knows and will bless you for it.

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