Tell The Story Challenge…Again!

I was given 3 images to choose from and 3 words to use in a story or writing style of my choice. My 3 words were




I was to tell them in alphabetical order but you know me and the rules! Honestly…I couldn’t get the ryhme any other way.

Thank You John at The Eclectic Contrarian for putting this challenge together. I hope my nominees try it out.


When you sent Him away to your son in law

Did you know what would become of Him at all?

Annas did you know, you would be a part of evil

From the depths of hell there’d be no retrieval…

Thinking you were above all

Nose in the air you thought it was your call

Nothing you could do that day

Would really have made things go your way…

Ciaphas, you thought yourself so keen

Leading the mockery of the Almighty king

Give us Barabbas you all did shout

His chosen people denying him with no doubt

You all thought yourselves clever

but his words you could not sever

Destroy this temple, in three days I will raise it up

For I must drink of my Father’s cup.

My nominees:




Or anyone else just needing some fuel to fire their writing. This is a great way to sharpen your creativity.

Your 3 words to put into a story or however you’d like are:




Your images to choose from or use all 3 are:

(Note: You could even do a devotional)


9 Replies to “Tell The Story Challenge…Again!”

  1. Wow this was amazing Amy! I’m not sure I could have pulled that one together! You did it justice though!Just now catching up on a little reading and saw you nominated me for this! Thank you so much! Will try to get to it soon! I love these tags! 💃🏼

    Liked by 1 person

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