What’s Right

Image found from Stu’s daily inspirations

Stumbling and tumbling you went out that tavern door

Not the first time your face hit the floor

Waking empty handed in a pool of sweat

Images of last night fill your mind with regret

Memories of begging God to save your life

as a stranger held you hostage with a knife

Taking your keys, your wallet, your car

No one willing to come get you out so far

Walking home for miles and for hours

Slowly sobering with each step as the moon towers…

over you as you realize this is the last time

That you go running to the booze and the wine

Is this your rock bottom? Is this finally it?

Or will you find another barstool upon to sit?

You begged God, he listened, spared you

Ball is in your court, what ever will you do?

Give Him what’s left and He’ll give you what’s right

The eyes of your heart will be opened, Oh what a sight…

you will behold when you see His will for you

He’ll erase the past, the old and fill it with new!


37 Replies to “What’s Right”

  1. I wish you could meet my niece. Her story is a lot like yours. She has written a book about her life. She is working to get it self published. I just see so much of you in her writing and so much of her in your writing. Would you like the link to her blog? She also has an Instagram page telling her story.

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          1. Rachel is the youngest daughter of my youngest sister who died about 5 years ago. My sister was a drug addict. But, I had my escapes, too, when everything got too painful. We just had different ways we escaped, but she never really did get out of that life. My sister had a hard life.

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  2. I love the line: Give HIM what’s left and HE will give you what’s right! Truth here in a big way. We don’t need to work on getting everything in order first…….we just need to accept HIS free gift of grace. I keep trying to say to that I love the look of your blog since you changed it!

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