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The weeks are running into each other around here. I find myself content in our daily routines. I can see my girls are starting to become more settled into their home life than ever before.

Not having to rush each day to pack lunches, do homework, sign this sheet, fill out that and then get them to bed early to rise early…it’s so nice not to have all of that on our minds. Sure there are other engagements and responsibilities but life has slowed down so much that we look forward to busy days. And we look forward to quiet, calm days as well.

For instance, today was to be the coveted fall party at our pastor’s home where we all bring food and candy, sit by the bonfire and even take a hayride. It was canceled due to beautiful Indiana rain and cold. My middle daughter was so devastated. She was so bummed. She had the whole party planned as far as what she and her friends would do. I told her (and don’t even judge me) “when life throws you lemons, make lemonade” I know it’s so cliche. She looks at me and says, “Ooo I want lemonade”

So we played a riveting game of yahtzee followed by almost two hours of coloring. After that both little ones hung their heads upside down off the couch and laughed so hard as they imagined the ceiling on the floor and thier dad walking by on the ceiling. So good for their little brains. They said that it was a really good day after all. I told all three girls that in a month or so this will be one of them days we’ll look back on and wish we were back in it.

I like the slow life. The less hassle life. And I am watching my girls change because of it… for the good.

My newest thought…You know what’s better than reading a good novel? Writing a good novel. And that’s what I’ve set out to do. So you may not see me posting as much but I do read most that I follow.

Keto advice of the week. I miss crunchy food. I feel like a three month baby eating mushed up food with no CRUNCH!

Field trip to paint pottery. We all had them glazed and are waiting to pick them up. We had fun!
Keto “graham cracker crust” use more almond flour than coconut flour. Like 3:1 ratio
Keto cheesecake. Cream cheese, sugar substitute, almond flour, eggs, vanilla etc.
Digging out a pumpkin. Nothing more fun on this earth
I helped her on this one. Supposed to be happy but them eyebrows I gave it made it look downright mean
She did her own from start to finish! Didn’t she do great? It’s a dog named Callie
Take these and crush them up and mix in with almond flour
Then bread your chicken with it. These are oven fried chicken legs. They were crunchy, thank you Jesus!

22 Replies to “Amy’s World”

    1. I cannot have any nuts or seeds. I have ibs and it’s getting worse with age. Nuts and seeds always set it off. I love them too. We’ve fried with the pork rinds in our flour for breading pretty good!

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  1. Amy, I loved everything about this post!
    I miss my older kids being around but NOT the busy-ness! I admire you for what you are doing with your girls! I feel that this is going to curb anxiety for them down the road, too ❤️
    There has been a mindset of THE BUSY THE BETTER-no -I don’t believe that anymore!

    Our boys with Down syndrome do not have a very busy lifestyle-because at my age of 53 -I decided we didn’t need to be that way-when the grandkids and one of my nieces are here we hang out bake-play games and such. I’m always concerned they are bored ! They always want to stay here! So we just chill and I get to even talk about Jesus at the appropriate moment the Holy Spirit leads me too! Children are so much more open to those conversations ❤️

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  2. The pie crust looks good, making me hungry for pumpkin pie! Did you use any salt, oil, or butter?
    So glad you’re having a good homeschool experience! I’m homeschooling my daughter this year as a satellite of her old school, but she still tests at the school. It is a good experience doing the mom-daughter thing!

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    1. I used coconut flour and almond flour, melted butter and pressed into pan. A pinch of cinnamon and sweetener in the flours too. After I pressed it into the pan I sprayed it with cooking spray to help give it a crispiness and baked it for 10 mins.
      The mom-daughter thing is so very important for our girls to learn to become women. Confident women are needed so much in this confused world


  3. This post made me hungry! And oh the fun you had with your kiddos! I can remember those days of looking at the world from an upside down position as a kid! What fun we had!…and I just commented on the last post that you needed to publish your poems! Why not throw a novel in with it too!!! I can’t wait to read them! 💜😂

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    1. Oh the novel. Do pray for me. I’ve finally got the just of it figured out…in my head. Think I’m scared some, so I shy away from it.
      I’ve decided to write about the personal experience I shared with you a while back and put it in a fictional book. We will see. Thanks for reading and catching up. Still looking forward to the day you and I boogey down in the alters


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