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Hello all. I sure wish I could write more on here but time just doesn’t allow it with homeschooling and the other commitments. When I do sputter out a poem here and there, it feels like such an accomplishment. Then I think back to the summer and how I cranked out 3 poems in a week! The good ole days.

The keto diet is going well. The pounds aren’t coming off like they did for my husband but he has a higher metabolism than me. I have hypothyroidism and it keeps the weight on. But I feel better. Just plain better. So I’m sticking to it and reminding myself it matters what’s on the inside not what the mirrors and scales say. I don’t want a poor self-image to be my downfall in my girls’ eyes.

Homeschool is going very well. Still seeing progress. We’ve just finished the first 9 weeks. Their grades are looking good. I’m grading my 4th grader using progress reports but not my first grader. I will start grading her next year.

We have a trip to the pumpkin patch and hayride in the works for the end of the month. We have a small trip to paint pottery coming up friday. Looking forward to that.

God has been showing me about gossip. The newest thought that has helped me is that if you’re giving your opinion about someone else and their mistakes…well then it’s probably gossip. If you’re telling their business that they wouldn’t want you telling…then it’s definitely gossip. Lastly, if you saying anything about them that you wouldn’t say to their face…it’s gossip. It’s something I repent daily for.

Question to any of you daring readers….is it gossip when it’s family? So many times you ask how is Susie, did she get custody of her kids? Or how’s John doing after his drinking problem? They answer and give you the whole earful about their family member’s recent bouts. Not batting an eyelash while pouring out the juicy details. But somehow it seems people think it’s ok, because well, they’re family and they love them. They’re not judging them. I’d love to hear your opinions and scriptures…

Who doesn’t love a chuck roast in a crock pot after 10 hours? This is keto friendly…but very little carrots because they have carbs
A whole chicken oven roasted…keto friendly. My buddy Wally Fry (you’ll be missed) taught me this trick with the foil. Keeps the bottom from getting soggy. It works
Buttered cod. Was a keto recipe online. Honestly, it was gross as it called for salted butter and salt. Yuck. Pretty though. The little bread rolls are keto mug bread. Almond flour, one egg, butter and a pinch of baking soda in a coffee mugh in microwave for 90 seconds.
And our house smelled like fish for 2 days! If you see a buttered cod recipe keep scrolling
So this is our project we’re doing in our girls program at church. We have about 14 girls doing these rugs woven from tshirts and hula hoops. Some girls really took to it.
Once you put the spokes on you then weave over under in a spiral pattern until reaching the outside.
Those who didn’t do rugs got to do some hands on gluing and sticking stickers together. Girls just love stickers! This is my Leah and her ladybugs
My Abigail showing you her snack. A clothespin, pipe cleaner, snack sized baggies and what ever you want to put in them.
The internet did provide a good recipe for the girls’ snacks that night. They each colored their clothes pins ahead of time and I returned them attached to goldfish. Girls loves goldfish crackers. The grapes are to make the adult feel like they’ve provided something nutritious 😉

Don’t forget to leave your comments on gossip. I’d love to hear your takes on it and how you deal with it. Or even how do you get out of a conversation when someone is spilling a good tidbit of gossip. What do you say to get out of there?


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  1. Loved your pictures and those sweet ones😇😇

    Gosh, idk I think that’s a hard one. Girl, I have the Jerry Springer people in my family and sometimes I just have to tell a friend abt what’s going on or I’ll lose my ever lovin’ mind lol🤣🙈 I guess I would say what’s at the heart of what and why you are sharing…..that can make it gossip or not.

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  2. Loved the food!! It’s cool also to hear how your girls are going with homeschool.

    As for the gossip question with family (or anyone else really), I think it makes a difference whether or not the person you’re talking to knows the person you’re talking about. And sometimes a person might just need to get things off their chest by sharing (anonymously) what’s going on.

    That said, I think it could be a line crossing conversation when/if we’re acting as judge and jury with another person and their issues. Or when we speak negatively about the person themself. I’ll admit I’ve been guilty of this myself. Whether or not this would be considered gossip or something else, I don’t know. But, I do think these things are very displeasing to God and therefore should be avoided.

    God bless!

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  3. Wow! I love the creative works by your daughters and the food! Yummy!

    As for gossip, It’s about the intention. Why are you exactly talking about someone? Is it with a malicious intention? If not, then it is not considered gossip. Again, it is about the intentions of the heart. I agree with nikhop320

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  4. Hi Amy, my goodness, that food looked delicious! My wife and I raised five children and I know first hand how much work it takes, but all those little “extra” things that you do are worth it. I can see that you are an excellent mother!

    Gossip – that is a hard one and so easy to fall into, even more so with family members. I’m thinking the general rule focuses on love. If you love someone then you don’t repeat what you yourself wouldn’t like to be talked about by others. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This is hard to do because if you are like me, our humanistic side seems to naturally gravitate to doing this because it appears to build us up at the expense of others. Only problem being “at the expense of others” means tearing them down. I try not to ask questions about things that I already have a pretty good idea aren’t going well or if possible, try to frame the question with a positive outcome. Another option is to keep my lips firmly pressed together when a negative word is forthcoming. It’s hard, really hard. We almost do it without thinking. I’ve also found that if you’re praying for someone who is going through a rough time we have a tendency to see them in a more positive light. It’s pretty hard to pray for someone and shoot them down at the same time. Bottom line to remember: if we need grace, so do others. Hope this helps. God’s grace, peace and blessings on you and yours. – Bruce

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  5. Keto seems hard… my wife tried it and it seemed like it took a while for the weight to come off. But once it started it really seemed to work well… I hope the best for ya!

    That pizza looks awesome!!!

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        1. Here’s recipe…1/4 cup almond flour, 1 egg, 2 tsp butter, 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder (not baking soda like I put in post) microwave 90 seconds and it comes out.like a tube


  6. I love how you’re making homeschooling and keto work with your family. And it drive me crazy that weight drops so quickly off of men. 😂 And your pictures of your girls are always darling.
    I agree with what most are saying about gossip, and I like the prayer aspect that Bruce brought up. As the apostle Paul says: Speak the truth in love, and All things are lawful, but not all things are expedient. Just because something is true, we don’t have to tell others. But, always, always love. God gives us His Holy Spirit. When He taps us on the shoulder, that’s for us to pay attention to.

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  7. Yes, gossip can be subtle. In a book that is now out of print, “Games Christians Play,” there’s a chapter on “how to keep up with the latest without resorting to idle gossip.” One of the “games” was called “Let’s all pray for poor Mrs. Jensen.” You present the gossip as a “prayer request” as you tell the rest of the church all the juicy details. (>ouch!<)

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  8. You’re doing a fabulous job my sister. I see someone with a heart of goals, but yours is a heart of gold! I’m not not to talk about what others are going through. For me, I believe gossip is a question of content. If it comes from a place of true concern, then it’s just a heart talking about a way they can help! God bless!

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  9. Hello! I don’t have a comment on gossip… it’s a good question, though. I simply want to encourage you in your efforts to be more healthy! And, as a mom of girls as well, want to send you a high five 🤚🏽for your awareness of keeping a positive self-image! Kids will see the real us… they know we try hard. Stay positive and encouraging, friend! You can do this 🙂 Blessings

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  10. That food looks so delicious! 😋 The kids looked like they had fun also. I think we all need that “one” person we can vent to, who will NOT repeat what we vent to another soul, except Jesus. It’s those who have sandpaper people in their families and surrounding their lives who need this the most. An outlet. Jesus should always be the number 1 we go to in prayer, but like Nicole said about having a Jerry Springer family, if we don’t get things out, we can lose our peace and sanity! It’s not good for our mental health to hold things in. But I have to say that there have been times that even God let me know in prayer not to repeat a certain matter to anyone else but Him. In those kinds of times, we need to listen to Him. Take it directly to Him in prayer and leave it there. I have also told just one person something in confidence that I didn’t tell anyone else and didn’t want anyone else knowing and that person told someone else, a prayer warrior, so they could “pray” about it. I didn’t like it much, because if I had felt the need for that other person to pray about it, I could have just went directly to them and asked them to pray, without involving the first person. I feel there is a fine line in doing things like this and it not being considered gossip. I have also been in a group setting where a person was being degraded “maliciously” with the intent of ruining their reputation. I had to get up one time from one of these pow-wows and go to the bathroom. I didn’t return back to the group. One of the people in the kitchen afterwards told me they had wondered where I had went. Sometimes I upset myself though. Being honest here—There are times I wish I could have the courage to stand up for “good” people who don’t deserve their name being dragged into the mud. We all are human. I guess I can see someone who is a “terrible” person being done this way, but it hurts my heart to see someone who is “innocent” and doing the best they can in their situation, always being kind to others, loving and humble, being torn down like that. A good rule to think about is, how would we react if what we say gets back to that person. It comes down to using love, wisdom and kindness. And lots of prayer! 🙂

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  11. I was reading something the other day that said that the Keto diet works better for men than for women. I wonder why that is? A friend of mine has been on it with her husband and he’s losing weight while she isn’t. I think that’s so weird!

    Your food looks so good!! I love the little butterfly snack bags! How cute!

    Gossip – I’m not sure how I feel about it because even if it’s family it’s still gossip, right? But then again, where is the line when it comes to gossip and just telling the facts about another person and wondering how their lives are going? Gossip is such a tricky subject sometimes.

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