You and Me

I guess you’ll never really know what you did to me.

All of your lies, deceit and your trickery.

Me trying to convince you my way is right

As you held onto your opinions with all your might.

Funny how every time I’d rise, you’d knock me down

Holding my head under water, in hopes I’d drown

“It’s all your fault” you’d yell and blame me

Why is it you and I could never agree?

I heard it told I don’t have the power to forgive you

I thought that meant hate would have to fester and stew…

Until the day the Messiah met us both on that road

Blinding us both, his mercy and grace it showed…

I can’t forgive me and I can’t forgive you.

Because we both are one, not two.

So here we sit; me now, me then

We except His forgiveness and let go. Amen

All images found on the internet.


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