Words of God’s Mercy

How does it feel every time you turn, another slap in the face?

Hit the ball, off runnin’, out before you touch first base.

No matter at what angle you hit, out in the first round

All the roads taken, even the shortcuts seemed so sound

On the edge of your bed all through the night

Biting and chewing worrying, figurin’ with all your might

A dollar here, a break there, robbing Peter to pay Paul

Who knew that your way just wouldn’t ever work at all

Plans simmered down to a thick bitter sauce

Fool’s gold you thought was pure with no dross

What you thought was right, was simply just wrong

Head hanging low, now you’re singin your bluesy song

If you know me by now then you should already know

This is the part where words of God’s mercy begin to flow.

Tough love from me? Nah, never.

Tough love from Him? Maybe. Your will He wants to sever

He’s had a plan for you since you first opened your eyes

Plans to prosper you, not for your demise.

He’s not a God who delights in death and in pain

Power, love, liberty and a sound mind are yours to gain

Give up your plans, your ideas and your life’s scheme

Give Him the bat, He’ll hit it out of the park for your team


28 Replies to “Words of God’s Mercy”

  1. It’s hard handing over that bat though at times! We want to control where our ball lands, so we grip tight to the bat with all our might, till one day we just learn to let go. And whack! He hits the home run for us! How could we ever doubt that He had this all along?!…..I so loved this Amy! There’s a great truth in these verses! Good job! 👏🏼

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      1. This tickled me to no end girl! I think we are pretty much….I did see a little dampness (not standing water) under the washer and dryer yesterday and had to get a fan blowing under it till my hubby can get it pulled out tomorrow. We couldn’t get to it today. He tried replacing the faucets after work, but realized he needed some hose that went with it, so we will have to wait till tomorrow, too. He has been hobbling around with a hurt foot…and getting over sinus. We have been like Job here lol!😂 The sad part is I had been sick in bed from Saturday till with sinuses…I had gotten up only to feed the fur babies, get some coffee, brush teeth and go back to bed….Needless to say I just had to adult through! No rest for the weary or the sick 😂 🤦‍♀️ Now to answer that question…I’m gonna say I’m slowly winning that fight!😆😁 It sure did put up a big one though!!! 🤪

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