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God has been so good to me…I cannot tell it all. Although my car is in our garage waiting on a part…God is still good. Why? Because God gave my husband wisdom to look under the hood and find the problem right away before it blew the engine. Now we wait for a part.

Although my little one ran a fever for 4 days and came down with pink eye at the same time…God is still good. Why? Because she has a grandpa that drove an hour to come give us a ride to the doctor the get a diagnosis and medication. He also got the girls sundeas and cheeseburgers. Yes in that order.

Sometimes we get to wanting and wanting it right now that we lose our contentment. Our ability to just be happy in the now with the now. Being homebound this week, and on fever/eye drop watch has been good for me because it allowed my world to slow down. Although I do admit I’m getting a bit stir crazy, I will always look back to this week as the week God restored my contentment. The trial I went through recently caused me to lose sight of a few things that matter the most. One being the ability to be happy in the now. Good to have that back.

I was able to cook some goodies up this week and take pics to share with you all. Cooking a keto diet is fun when I have the time. I do feel all thumbs at it because I’ve always had my “go to” dishes that I could whip up quick. Now I’ve gotta concentrate…

Simple cheese quesadilla with avacado
Low carb red enchilada sauce. Takes tomato paste, chicken broth, water and a bunch of seasonings
Look closely. That’s chicken cut up in the enchilada sauce on top of riced cauliflower. I’m making it again this week!
3 egg and cheese omelet with avacado slices. And don’t forget the coffee!
Royal treatment…riding the couch got to her by day 3!
Made my own low carb spegeghti sauce. Simmered all day…MamaMia
Spegeghti inspired stuffed peppers. Better than taco flavored for sure! I added diced cauliflower in with the meat to give it body…my husband’s suggestion
13$ 3D puzzle by Melissa and Doug! Didn’t she do a great job? All the pieces come out and she can arrange it just like a doll house
Lasagna casserole-low carb. I used the rest of my sgehgti sauce for this
Ground beef with egg stirred in with layers of mozzarella cheese. Even the kids ate it!

31 Replies to “Amy’s World”

  1. All these dishes look so gooodddd Amy!!! I think I would gorge myself and defeat my purpose with these!😂 I am a big fan of avocado. I wish they weren’t so expensive here!…Prayers for baby girl! And glad to see you content again my friend! 🙏🏼🤗

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      1. Isn’t it amazing how God knows exactly what we need, when we need it? Sometimes with just one word, a pic, a scripture, a song, a poem….a rainbow…a butterfly….a heart…a dragonfly (maybe those last 3 are just with me?🤷🏼‍♀️) But He always provides the lamb when we are obedient to His leading! I’m glad God helped you my friend! And I’m so glad He gave you the strength to follow through being obedient to Him! To Him be the glory girl! 🙌🏼🥰

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  2. Yep, a lot of blessings can be tucked away in a few days “stuck” at home.
    I love the keto diet. It’s what finally gave my daughter relief after about 16 years of migraines.
    (PS – Avocado makes everything better, doesn’t it? 😉 )

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  3. Hi Amy!
    I need to say, what caught my attention was that you mentioned GOD. And that is a good thing! Giving praise and glory to our GOD is always good!
    Then the 2nd good thing was that you are doing a low carb diet, and I find that interesting . The meals you prepared look good and have given me some ideas on what I can try too. Stay blessed and thank you for the post!
    Peace! 🙂

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