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Rules of the #ShareYourPassion Tag:

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  2. Tag the blogger’s site that nominated you.
  3. Share a bit about your passion(s): Hobbies outside of blogging that keep you busy in your free time. What would you like to accomplish with these things? How could you use your passion(s) to be a blessing to others and show them the love of God?
  4. Nominate ten other bloggers and spread the joy!

Thank you Gail at Gail loves God for this nomination. She writes from many different angles and never disappoints. From poetry to just sharing her thoughts; she always has her mind on our Father. Check out her blog today.

Many of you know I’m an open book. My passion is my God and my family. I enjoy reading fiction. I’m currently reading Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate. It’s reall good.

If laundry were a hobby…I’d tell you that it’s my life’s calling to be a laundress. As it seems to take up most of my time. They say I’ll miss the days of laundry for a family of 5…I beg to differ on that!

My interests are centered around my husband and children. A couple years ago I set out to raise my girls with purposeful parenting. As I healed from many years of addiction, God showed me how many parents just drag their kids behind them while thy meet their own needs. Saved and unsaved parents do this and I was one of them. I gradually learned that in order to say I successfully did all that I could do as a parent, I needed to get involved with them not the other way around. So my hobbies and interests, for now, are…Doves-helping my girls an other’s little girls do crafts while learning about God. My other hobby is helping coach Bible Quizzing- at the church. This, I really get into as I’m competetive, which God reigns me in on…ALOT! I help keep the kids corralled in our kid’s choir practices. And I’m a homeschool mom.

You can be safe to say that I’m going to struggle during the “empty nest” days. But oh well. I also enjoy dabbling with essential oils and cooking.

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Jeff Rabb…


28 Replies to “Share Your Passion Tag”

  1. Oh, wow: God showed me how many parents just drag their kids behind them while they meet their own needs.
    That one will whip a thinking person’s head around! Very convicting. What a blessing that you are so attuned to God’s leading.
    Thank you.

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