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Hi all. Homeschool is going great. If you’ve ever longed to homeschool, but have been scared, I urge you to rethink it. It’s been wonderful to be a part of my girls’ learning. To watch growth in reading, writing, and math is a phenomenal feeling. I tried to stay involved in my girls’ learning while they were going to public school. But it was hard to see the progress or even their struggles just by looking at graded papers. Now I’m in the thick of it. I can see where one needs help and dig in with them. This is all happening on a good day, mind you. Because there are days that are hard and challenging.

I recently went through a very hard experience that I’m not able to share as of yet. The last two weeks or so were tough on me spiritually and just tough on me as an individual. I was clearly instructed by God not to do something that I wanted to do badly. I have remained in His will. The hard part of it is over and I can look back a bit and feel peace in the fact that I listened to God….when I really didn’t want to. Even today, I can tell you that if I had it my way…I do it. I’m glad to know that His ways are not my ways. I know He has a reason to keep me protected. I don’t see the outcome. But I do see the peace His will and walking in it brings. Sorry to be elusive with you on the details. But the bottom line should always remain for us all is to obey the Lord…especially during the times when we don’t want to.

Some of you know that I help run the Doves program at our church. It’s patterned after girls scouts without selling cookies and earning badges and wearing weird vests. We have 20 girls this year! Ages ranging from 5 to 12. I’ve got some good helpers who show up and step up each meeting. We meet twice a month. We are about to start a project where each girl will weave a small rug using a hula hoop for the loom and cut-up tshirts for the material. Pretty cool. I’ll put up pics on that when we get into it. Last week we had field day games outside.

This week marks the first week of bible quizzing season as well. In our organization we have comepetive bible quizzing for children ages 5 up to teen years. The children are expected to memorize up to 200 or so verses over the course of the season. They then go up against other churches being asked questions on the verses. I’m a helper coach. I’ve been accused of being competitive…but I try not to be. Gotta rein myself in several times and remind mysef it’s about getting the Word in their hearts. Not winning….I’m trying.

Abigail had a birthday. The big 1-0

She picked frosted brownies over cake! Easy peasy
This loom is from Melissa and Doug toys. Designed for kids. Adjustable. They can make many things on it
Tug of war during field day games. Girls against boys
Girls won!!
Saw this on mom life with chiari. Loved it!
Do you have an aldi store? Well for 5 cents you can buy their bags and bag your own groceries! Then your child turns them into clothing
Keto pizza. Crust is made with 3/4 cup almond flour and 1 3/4 cup mozzarella cheese and one egg.

My favorite pic! She’s really getting into this!
Yep back to the amusement park for Abigail bday. Lucky girl

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  1. It pays to be obedient, even when it’s the hardest thing to do. I’m proud of you, sis. And happy birthday to the birthday girl.
    As for homeschooling, I’m one of those who admire it from the sidelines. So well done, you!

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  2. This sounds like such fun our church is not very inviting which is a shame. Well done for being strong and I hope your daughter had great birthday.

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  3. Happy birthday to Abigail! That’s wonderful news about the Dove program!! I’m glad your homeschool year is going good this year. Ours has become a little more stressful because my preteen doesn’t want to get out of bed before noon. πŸ™„

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  4. My Amy, God always blesses obedience; He is already blessing you, and will bless you. Does it count more when it’s harder? I don’t know if it does with God, but I think it does with us.
    You’re busy! Of course, moms always are. I love reading about your activities and your girls and you.

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  5. One – I have a nephew that has tried home schooling several times. It has turned into no schooling each time. His youngest of four children is now back in public school and doing well, just 19 years old and still in high school.

    Two – I have heard of throwing out the toys and playing inside the box, but your children are more creative – playing inside the grocery bags. That was pretty good.

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  6. Happy big 10 to Abigail!!!
    Great job for the girls winning tug-of-war!!! I’ve never been able to win one of those! πŸ˜‰
    I love all those pics!!!!!!!! Amusement parks are my absolute favorite!!!
    Wow! That pizza crust!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  7. Amy, I loved this! I love to read your stories about your family. Wonderful! Oh, I did Bible quizzing with my church when I was a teenager. I loved it! We used to compete with other churches of our denomination (C&MA). It is a wonderful way to learn the scriptures. Oh, and I would choose brownies over cake anytime, too. Smart girl. πŸ™‚

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    1. I know. I’m thinking I gotta make it again soon. I’ve been taking pics of my keto food to share in a post soon. Making homemade spegeghti sauce right now. My little one doesnt like the smell. Lol…little does she know how good it smells to those who are deprived


      1. On noooo! Poor thing. My dad used to make salmon and oyster stews. Those smell the worst!!! I would walk in the door and be like, “I have a guy with me!” I would be so embarrassed . πŸ˜‚ He loved his stew, but I thought it smelled horrendous.

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