In The Sky

With a face so angelic and a smile so bright

You left this world and stepped into His marvelous Light

Never will you be forgotten for you live forever in my heart

I’ve always loved you from the very start…

“You’re with child,” three words filled me with joy

Along nine months later came my baby boy.

I knew you were on loan from heaven above

I did my very best to fill you with love.

Wishing I had just one more minute; one more day

Often wondering…just what would I say.

Remorseful, regretful words just wouldn’t do

Son I think I would just simply hold you

When you look down on me tonight from up high

Remember mama loves you and will soon meet you in the sky.


12 Replies to “In The Sky”

  1. Excellent post! Powerful! My oldest daughter lost her first son, stillborn, but perfect in every way. It’s been three years, but the three hours we had with him to hold him will never leave, but one day we will leave and see him. Much peace to you, Amy!!

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