A Higher Trust

Lord oh lord I beg you, can you see?

I want what I want so badly.

I see what you meant when you kept saying no;

but my flesh begged my spirit to go with the flow

Lord, how am I going to live without this?

Surely, there’s something you’ve missed.

Forgive me lord, I know you are ultimately Sovereign.

The white angel upon my shoulder was letting the other govern.

Thankful I am of other’s prayers…

that helped me through those nightmares.

During a time of uncertainty and darkness,

You showed me the importance of apartness.

Lord oh Lord I hope you see

How sorry I am and accept my apology.

I no longer want what I want, what I desire;

As I see now my trust in You has to be higher!


18 Replies to “A Higher Trust”

  1. I just read your post what this was about. God bless and you are in my prayers. I believe that verse was from God and you did what was right – their souls are already with God and that’s all that matters. Don’t keep opening the wounds as a way to punish yourself. Christ already took that punishment, as you know. God bless.

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