Two thousand two hundred and forty six lost lives were found today

Lives that never had a chance in live in any kind of way

Remains is what they are bieng called

Truth comes out leaving most appalled

For some they say it’s simply a choice

That all need to hear their side, their voice

But what do they have to say for something so heinous?

Where the line is clear, lacking any grayness?

A life is life is a life I now know

Inside a womb it was intended to grow

Sly old fox a’runnin and telling lies

Will one day meet his ultimate demise

Although they died as result of sin

The unborn will all ultimately win

And on that day their voices will finally cry out

From the bosom of Abraham we’ll hear their victory shout!

A long time abortionist died this month. On his property, 2,246 fetal remains, all medically preserved, were found. I believe those on both sides would have to admit the sheer sickness of it. Let’s pray for our country today as the realness of the number 2,246 settles in our minds and hearts.


21 Replies to “2,246”

  1. Signs are everywhere and visible evidence of the devil’s final desperate act of stealing souls. Even though Jesus defeated him through his death and resurrection, he has been allowed to roam aimlessly for that purpose. We must remain vigilant and fight Him with God’s Word.

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