His Spirit Devine

Don’t be so quick to judge

It can happen to anyone…

The doctor, the lawyer

The rich, the poorer

Addiction doesn’t discriminate

Put you in an early grave, steal your fate.

Even could make you miss the Gate.

So hold to God’s unchanged hand

Set your aim on the promised land

The pill, the whap, the push, the bump…

None will get you over the hump

The drag, the puff, the bag, the line

Never will feel like His Spirit Devine

He’s the: way maker,

Manna bread baker,

Name Taker,

Soul waker,

Enemy shaker,

No mistaker,

Dust of the earth shaper!

Pics provided by Kathy Wire’s trip to the Outer Banks

My husband wrote this last week. He has been freed of addiction and has been clean 10 years. He writes from experience.


19 Replies to “His Spirit Devine”

    1. Thanks neighbor. He totally surprised me the other day when he said…”I wrote a poem” He knows well how good our Lord is and how He can free any addict. He also wants people to remember to love the addict because it could be any of us at anytime…if we’re not careful

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