A Peace Sits Still

All is peaceful at our chicken coop tonight. Our sunflowers are a’bloomin

Ever had a reckoning? A dawning if you will.

Where there used be hatred, now a peace sits still?

Ever carried a weight for so long it became a part of you?

That when it quietly slipped away, you woke and just knew.

The pain, the hurt, the righteous anger gone just like that

Looking in their place all you saw was peace as it sat…

Upon your heart, upon your mind, upon the past

Ever forgave and just knew this time it would last?

Finally it’s gone never to return

Now love is the only thing in Your heart that will burn

As God did his final healing work, He wiped it all clean

Where angery ashes used to smolder now lush grass grows green

Friends: A long time bitterness just up and left me. I can’t tell you which day it left but I can tell you the day I noticed it was gone. Weird. Something I’ve carried for so long. That had front seat for the majority of my life. Just poof is gone.

Something I prayed for a very long time. To be free of the pain caused by my mother. It’s gone. And although I know they all say that you have be the one to do the work .I believe the God is the One who ultimately lifts the burden off you. When you’re ready. I guess at 45 years old…I was finally ready.


39 Replies to “A Peace Sits Still”

            1. I’m blessed you are my friend, too!!
              You just keep your faith like you are!!! Our gracious God has started a good thing in you!He will never leave us or forsake us! He is with us always and until the end!! πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’•

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  1. Oh, my Amy! What a wonderful blessing! I’m so happy to read this, and to know that God lifted that from you. What blessed peace, and you expressed it so beautifully. I wish I could hug you.
    And, I love that picture of your chickens and sunflowers.

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        1. It is. Did you see the comment from born again where she warned me this morning that the devil would try to trip me up?
          Well off I went with my day. We had a full week of our first week of homeschooling then we went to library and grocery. I saw my mom’s face twice! And smelled her once. She lives in Florida and is crippled so to see her face was the devil. The smell. Weird. The devil. Then I remembered that comment. All the while it was still gone. My God is mightier! You all back home yet?

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          1. I did see that comment, and saw that you heeded it. Well done. Weird.
            We just got home tonight! SO good to be home! We ended up eating at the Creation Museum and The Ark, so we weren’t hungry to eat at your Mexican place. πŸ˜•
            But it was a lovely, wonderful trip!
            Our God is mightier!!!

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  2. Feeling the Holy Ghost and tears are flowing on this one. I suppose because it hits so close to home. Praise Jesus for lifting the heavy burdens and setting us free! I am rejoicing with you my dear friend. ❀

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    1. Best wishes to you too. I was in counseling for about two years. Hardest thing thing I’ve ever done and the best! I found all that I learned and the techniques interesting. EMDR really helped me with some ptsd issues as well.


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