Vacay Days 5,6,&7

Day 5: Shopping day. We found an awesome thrift store outside of the main drag. We had Bojangles for lunch.

Day 6: Family day in Knoxville, Tn. My mother in law’s cousins put out a spread for us and welcomed us with open arms. Down home cooking, down home hospitality.

Day 7: Two of our party left us today to head back early. My oldest and my mother in law. My husband and I took the two little ones for mountain coasters, shopping, go-carts…oh and one more mountain coaster ride! Mountain coasters take you up the side of a mountain and when you get to the top you get total control of your speed all the way down using. gravity. It is such a smooth quiet ride. If you come down here, ride the Rocky Top Mountain Coaster. It’s brand new and is ten minutes in length which is longer than the others. Well worth your money.

The excitement is just too much! No a/c means hang your head out the window and get the full experience!

Quick stop to the candy store. Yearly tradition.

Artistic flare. A poor butterfly lost its wing!

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