One Who Designs

Don’tcha ever wonder just how it all came about?

One minute calm waters, next you’re blowing your spout!

Anger spewing forth at a drop of a dime

And before you know it you’ve crossed the line

Thoughts are slamming from the back of you brain

Tumbling forward, what happened to calm you’ll always remain?

“Never” you vowed to again to lose your temper, they’d see

but instead they saw another jerk reaction of your knee!

Where do you go, what do you do?

How do you lift your head and vow anew

It’s becoming to feel like a constant cycle of defeat

But I know the God who sits on the Mercy Seat

He sees the hurt and pain we feel

He feels the pain of those whose joy we steal

He knows flesh is flesh, daily it must die

He hears how our angry hearts cry

The solution is repentance, turn around

Walking away from the anger that has you bound

And if you have walk away a thousand times

It’s ok as long as your feet point to the One Who Designs…

Your steps, your thoughts, your heart

He will strengthen you each new day from the start


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