Amy’s World Again!

Many of you responded positively to my post titled Amy’s World…so I got to thinking. Maybe I’ll share some more. Many of you were able to relate to my lessons learned.

A New Life got a new look. I got bored one late night and went through wordpress themes. I’ll be changing the picture on my icon soon as well.

Lexi is 25. She is my Autistic daughter. She grew up with me. I always say autism protected her from repeating my mistakes. She witnessed all of the ugly addiction I put myself through. I did alot for her over those years though. I should’ve been sober, alongside of her teaching her how to do things for herself. And now with two younger kids, there never seems to be the right moment to take her and work with her. She goes to Day Services which help, but I know she’s capable of so much more.

But I’ve gotta be capable of much more too, as I seem to control alot of what she does. It’s become a habit that needs broken. We will soon be sitting down, her and I, to go over our boundaries. What she’s responsible for and what I’m responsible for. I hope and pray this helps, as her behavior lately has become challenging. I’m thinking it’s because she’s maturing (maybe like 14/15yr old right now) and wants more responsibility and to have more say so, but has no idea that she does. I’ve also noticed her asking why about everything. This is someone who rarely knew where we were on the road when we’re going somewhere. Or when we showed up somewhere, she just simply got out of the car and came along. Now she wants to know why we’re going here or there. Just one example of the changes. Good changes, but hard on me to stop and explain each decision. Especially when the questions are coming at me in an accusing manner.

I was asked to do something this week by my pastor. It is pretty exciting if you look at the fact that the public schools have been forcing God out for years now. We’ve were given permission to set up a table for parents to sign up for our boys/girls scouts program we have at the church! Told ya that’s exciting! It was from 12:30-7pm today.


I took the first shift. It was interesting to watch the faces of the people walking by. They’d see the sign behind the table saying “church” then look at me, smile and keep going. Others saw the sign and then looked away and pretended quick interest in other tables. But some did come by, and some took papers, and some did leave contact info.

My uncle was in a bad motorcycle accident tonight. Broken sternum, fractured hip, broken rib, and his arm has something going on. A truck crossed the center line and hit him head on. Sounds like he will live. But he doesn’t live the abundant life.

Weird thing is, a friend of mine lost her uncle to cancer 2 nights ago. It got me thinking about my uncle and what if he died. I didnt pray for him then as I should have. Pray this accident wakes him about the meaning of life and God.

Things I’ve learned:

  • Just because someone gives you advice…you don’t always have to take it. (That’s a freebie for ya about an unspoken situation)
  • Sometimes the best way to be a mom is to not be mothering.
  • I did the best I could with my oldest, considering my circumstances. I can’t continue to blame myself for her setbacks.
  • I can’t blame myself for not doing something when I didn’t know that I should’ve been doing it.
  • Never too late to set boundaries with those around you
  • Even if no child signs up through the schools…We still got permission to go into the school! God is on the move!
  • When someone who you haven’t thought about or spoken to lately pops into your head…pray for them
  • Biggest lesson learned today….going into McDonald’s for your to-go order takes more time than the drive through. As the workers ignore the people face to face to deal with the cars!

33 Replies to “Amy’s World Again!”

  1. I salute you, Amy. Your life is such a huge testimony of the grace of God. I loved the first lesson, that one was for me. Lol. As for the last lesson, I only found out how true it was when I became brave enough some weeks ago to use the drive thru. I was always scared that I’ll keep people stuck on the line because I wouldn’t know what I was doing 😁

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      1. Hi Amy, He’s fine now, evidently his father (that would be me) overreacted. I was thinking better safe than sorry. He has what is called Irritable bowel syndrome but he is on meds and has a list of items to avoid.

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  2. Hi Amy. I really enjoyed this post. It’s wonderful that your daughter is continuing to grow and mature and I believe that by letting her know what is expected of her she will live up to those expectations. Although consistency plays a huge part. I think that her asking “why” shows great growth (wanting to learn how the world works). I wonder if it would be less frustrating if you anticipated and answered the “why” question before it was asked. ” We are going here because…” or “you need to do this because…”
    Another thought that occurred to me is that along with learning to do more for herself she should also be learning to do for others. (perhaps she already is)There can be much satisfaction in this.

    “β€’When someone who you haven’t thought about or spoken to lately pops into your head…pray for them” this is what I do.

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  3. Absolutely about names that pop into one’s head – pray!
    I like your new look on here, except one thing: The black header, with the links, takes up the top 1/3 – 1/2 of my page, leaving limited space for your post. Makes for a narrow reading space, and more scrolling.
    I’ll be praying about the mothering / responsibility / patience thing. I surely get it.

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  4. You have learned some very good things Amy. And the one about people randomly popping into your head. There is always a reason God does that. And praying for them is certainly a must! And sometimes a quick phone call is needed as well. I pray more people would heed that prompting from the Holy Spirit.

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  5. I love this! Especially the McDonald’s part lol πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚.
    I’m glad your uncle survived and will pray God will speak to him. I didn’t know you had a 25 yr old. For whatever reason I thought they were all school age.
    PS. I love when churches alow outside activities to be incorporated. It let’s you fellowship with like mind godly people as well as attract people from outside. I was squeezing with joy when they started a book club this year. πŸ™‚

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