3,2,1 Quote Me Challenge

Thanks Renee for the nomination. I didn’t follow the rules again! Because instead of a quote, you get a poem. There will be no nominees either as this is solely written for you my friend. I felt like telling the devil off for you!


MY JOY by Amy Blount

Constantly you’re stirring your big pot

With your spoon of deception, I guess you forgot

There is One mightier, stronger than you

Who gives me the power to put you under my shoe


The lies you whisper, shout can be clever

But me listen to them? No, not ever

You came to try to kill, steal and destroy…

all I hold dear and all of my joy


This war we are in with you isn’t with flesh and blood

But against our enemy when you come in like a flood

We see you satan in all of your disguises

All of your tactics in different colors and sizes


You dirty ole fox you think you’re so coy

But rest assured you’ll never steal my joy




19 Replies to “3,2,1 Quote Me Challenge”

      1. On my goodness Amy! I felt the power of the Holy Ghost in that one!!! It brought tears to my eyes and a fire in my soul!!! This was for ME today!!! I’m dancing on the grave of my enemy!!💃…stomp…stomp…💃🙌🙌🙌🙌❤️🥰💕😍 Love Love this! You are actually the first person ever to write a poem for me! My 🎩 is off to you my sister! I’m goin to print this one out!!!😄

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thing is when you tell that old goat off he comes at you full force. I’m making it through this day but I see him influencing those around me. In jesus name get outta here! Glad you liked it

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