When are you going to come?

The battles have already begun.

So many ugly sights

Ideas that begin the fights

images (15).jpeg

The harm we bring our way

Getting more disgusting each day

Not wanting to admit to what we are

The behavior is getting more bizarre


Thinking we have some upper hand

On mankind; upon your lands

Boasting superior intelligence

Spouting pure belligerence


And all the while your nostrils flare

Knowing the way we treat you isn’t fair

Like a disappointed parent you look on with love

Wondering to yourself how we miss your giant hand above


If only we would open our eyes and see…

Upon Your promises we can stand firmly

If only we would open our eyes and see…

You love each and every one of us unconditionally

20180811 (1).jpg





21 Replies to “Unconditional”

  1. We don’t know the hour or the day. We just have to endure until the time. Satan wants us to give up. Jesus endured so we can endure!

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