Daily Free

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I’ve taken all my cares and threaded them through my hook

One strong flick of the wrist is all it really took

As the line took its flight over the big giant sea

I watched my sins float on the forgetful waters merrily


Like a mammoth whale you rose from the water’s deep

And scooped up all my anxieties forever for You to keep

And when You sank back down with my troubles in your palm

There was no tsunami, no ripples, the waters were calm


I like it here on Your shore; the sea of forgetfulness

Where I can be daily freed of this worldly stress

I’m trying to be hopeful that You can count on me

To leave those heavy weights buried in the bottom of the sea

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33 Replies to “Daily Free”

  1. Be hopeful, for even if the weight floats up to the surface. His love will forever be on the shore, loving on your heart. Until the weight once again, returns to the bottom of the sea! A lovely piece, God bless!

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    1. I’m glad it spoke to you! I like it too…the thought came from “cast your cares” then I thought of fishing lol and casting your line out. God is so big and so very awesome that there’s no problem He can’t take in His hands and handle for us. Even our country and it’s problems.

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      1. Amen! My husband is an avid fly fisherman and a chaplain. He just turned 71. On February 5, he is scheduled to have surgery on his knee. This, on top of other health issues he has, and our daughter having a difficult surgery last week (on his birthday), has been stressing us both out. I will share this scripture and your poem with my husband, I know he will like it.

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