Devotional-Eating Crow


I stood at the sink fuming inside. More angry than I should’ve been. But then, that’s me, Miss Short Fuse. We all have those days when we are not sure if we’ve heard from the Lord or if it was our own thinking. This moment was not one of those, as I knew the conversation going on in my heart had to be the Lord speaking to me. And I was reluctant to hear it.

The Lord: “You must call them back and apologize for your actions.”

Stubborn ole me: “She was the one being rude, Lord.”

Voice of Reasoning:  “You were rude as well. Also, what they are asking is what you should’ve taken care of before this.”

Cowardly me: “Yes, but I can’t call back. I’m too embarrassed.”

I had been calling this clinic to get information on my adult daughter’s medication prescribed to her. There’s been some back and forth going on with insurance approval for 6 weeks. Sometimes when I call they tell me what I need to know but not today. The nurse asked if I had guardianship. No, but I have medical power of attorney. But they don’t know that as I’ve never given them the paperwork. My poor excuse on the matter is that they usually give me the info without the paperwork. But not today. Not this nurse. She was following protocol. I got irritated with her and she got irritated with me back! And then I hung up!

Hence, the prodding from Lord. So I did it! I called back. And I apologized. I didn’t feel better in the sense that I was proud of myself. Because I was ashamed of my behavior. I didn’t feel better to take the load of guilt off either. I only felt better because I did what the Lord told me to do.

Is the Lord asking you to do something, like having to apologize to someone? Or is He asking you to admit you’ve been wrong. Maybe He’s asking you to clean up a mess you made on the job or in your family. Does it hurt in the pit of your stomach when you hear those thoughts from your heart like…”You need to fix this” or “you’re going to have to apologize to them for that” if you hear this Voice of reason…know it’s your Heavenly Father admonishing you for your own good.

Lord, help me to hear your Voice of reason each day of my life. Let me be sensitive to your prodding and fatherly admonishing so that my light that You’ve given me may shine bright…even over the phone.



38 Replies to “Devotional-Eating Crow”

  1. Oh, don’t I know those feelings in the pit of my stomach, that pang of the heart when God tells me to ask forgiveness. It hurts, and it’s so hard to do. And yes, even afterward, I still wish I hadn’t had to do it, but at least I was obedient. More grace, please, Lord!

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  2. Amy, The same thing happened to me once – except I was rude in person and I had to go back in and tell this receptionist that I was sorry. I learned a big lesson that I’ll never forget: Be nice to everyone (or you’ll have to apologize!)

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    1. Oh my now I don’t know about walking back in face to face! Lol…especially if that person is smug about your apology. I guess I best be quiet in case the Lord tries to teach me another lesson. 😉

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  3. Crow pie, crow stew, crow flambé, roast crow, crow a la mode. I’ve tried them all and none taste any good. They are, however, extremely spiritually nutritious. 😉

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  4. It happened one time at drama practice, I asked a younger lady a question and the answer she gave me was certainly not an option for the question I had asked, so I gave her a good traditional comeback that went like this: “I know you’re educated, that’s certainly not the question I asked you”, I know I said it in a crude way to make it sound like a joke, but I know it hurt her. Then the feeling in the tummy began… Oh no, I knew I had to apologize before we went any further, but if course, I delayed and at the end of practice we were worse off than we began. It’s a shame when we ignore that prompting, and pride is the bait. I eventually sent her a message when I got home, but it was too late. So well done, Amy, for getting it done immediately.
    I read something Oswald Chambers wrote, I can remember the quote but it went something like this: we become better followers of Christ when we give up our rights …

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    1. That’s another thing…when we joke and the others don’t receive it as a joke. I’m in this position Alot! And then I have a weird sense of humor that most don’t get (probably because I’m stuck in the 80’s and 90’s and no one else around me is!) So off I go on the greatest joke ever…and they look at me like; “did you seriously just say that?” Yep happens daily here

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  5. The main thing is that you did what the Holy Spirit instructed you to do. Because of pride not too many will do what you did and they miss out on something beautiful. It is also so true, you know when the Holy spirit is speaking because He usually instructs us to do what is right as children of God, and most times it is something that we would rather not do.

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  6. Oh my, Amy! I have been there when He showed me I was wrong and impressed me to apologize. Crow doesn’t taste good at all! But the worst is when He showed me the other person was wrong, but He wanted ME to be the one to be the peacemaker and apologize! Whipping out the ole ‘Humble Pie,” don’t taste so good either! I’m not a fan of either, but it seems I have to eat a lot of Humble Pie with the Sandpaper People in my life….Loved the Snoopy comics!

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