Devotional-Seeking His Counsel


I saw the man standing in his driveway looking to the sky as my girls and I drove by last night. I kept my eye on the sky as well, as there were dark ominous clouds off to our left. But he was looking in the opposite direction. The direction we just came from.

Minutes later we arrive home safely. Just some wet rain to run through on our way to the door. My husband had been home and shows me a video he took of the sky in the farm field next to our home. It was a huge cloud forming into a rotating cloud. My girls and I drove past minutes before that became a tornado taking down power lines and tree limbs. That tornado took its course from there reaching the town north of us.

We know how Jesus spoke to the storm “peace be still” and we use that analogy with the “storms” in our lives. But consider this as well…

Jesus can detour storms from coming along your path. He can keep you from troubles that you might have had to face had you left on your journey 5 minutes later. That’s why seeking His counsel on your day is important. Maybe we don’t necessarily need to ask what time to leave and whether to take a right or a left. But we do need to ask Him about our major decisions before we jump in or we could be in the path of a “storm” that rocks our lives to the core.

The bible in Isaiah calls Him Wonderful, Counselor, The Mighty God, Ever Lasting Father and The Prince of Peace. He is called a counselor so that we may remember to seek His counsel on our lives for He and only He knows what’s coming down our paths.

I recently heard this quote from a preacher that rings true…”What you don’t seek counsel for from Heaven each day, Hell is authorized to counsel you about.”

Here’s a still photo. My girls and I were off to the right of that on the highway. Below is the video he took. 


15 Replies to “Devotional-Seeking His Counsel”

  1. So glad y’all were safe! We are in West Lafayette, and a friend of ours had two huge oak trees get topped by a tornado that didn’t touch down in Lafayette. The trees were both lost. No other damage. Our other friend in South Bend was only a quarter of a mile where a tornado touched down… I wonder if it was that one reformed?

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  2. So happy God’s hand was guiding you out of danger. We so often blame him for the storms of life but we also need to thank and praise him for protection. Great post❤️

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  3. WOW!!! Let me get my praise shoes on and celebrate with you and your family regarding God’s mercy in this regard. All praises be to the God who detoured this storm and continues to detour storms from our way.

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