Devotional Series 6/23/19


It boasted that it was the TV series to watch. I was so pleased to stumble upon it on Netflix last week. It had everything I look for in entertainment. Romance, historical events, and even time travel! This was the show I was going to settle in and become a part of. You know those books or movies that stay with you. Well this was it for me! Until….the first romance scene was over the top! I closed my eyes tight and hit the home button on my remote. First thought, “So much for that” Second thought, “Maybe that’s only scene with that much nudity”  I pushed play and continued to watch the show for the next several nights.

Man oh man…on it went. Wonderful storyline. Left you thinking during your day about the damsel and will she ever get back to her time. But the love scenes were almost X-rated. I mean nothing was left to imagination. I’d fast forward through all the while peaking through my fingers as my hand covered my face.

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Ever heard that song be careful little eyes what you see? What goes in the mind, if it settles there, will then find its place in the heart. It’s been proven over the ages with mankind. And when something finds it’s way to the heart, it is very hard to remove. That is why taking each thought captive is crucial. And in this case taking what is sent to you through your eyes captive is important as well.

Do you find yourself in a position of teetering in the line. A defined line; your toes are on it and you heels are still back where they should be. That’s not a place God wants for us. That area of the line is an area of confusion and uncertainty. If you find yourself there today, step back and ask your Father to forgive you.

I gave up the show. The woman will be forever lost in the 1700’s in my mind. But that’s ok because the non-fiction relationship I have with my God and pleasing Him has to take front seat than any fictional story ever could.



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  1. I have been there all excited about something that looked like it was gonna be a great show, and them BAM….had to turn it off. I just don’t understand why they have to put that mess in there! We sure do have to be careful what we see and hear. It does affect our hearts! Thanks for the share!

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  2. Oh Amy, I know exactly the show you are talking about……….I so wanted to like it and it seemed that each episode became more and more inappropriate until we knew we couldn’t not watch it anymore. There was no need for all that inappropriateness either!

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  3. These kind of things are coordinated porn… eventually full blown porn and prostitution will take place here in the US and these “shows” will be a thing of the past…

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  4. Reblogged this on Alethea's Mind and commented:
    I used to watch Designated Survivor on Netflix. But of course, this year, they decided to do the unthinkable and bow to pressures of all that my eyes should not see. I ended up watching only the trailer (which I regret watching) and that was the end of our relationship. In fact, in my household TV has become something we watch with radars on high alert. So Amy’s post is spot on. We need to be careful what those little eyes see, and not be so attached to anything that we cannot turn it off. Our ‘non-fictional’ relationship with the Lord, as Amy called it, is more important than what the best screenplay writers can ever entice us with. Amen!

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  5. I never watch something ‘new’ on netflix. I alway watch someting that is old and I know is less ‘worldly’. The Satanic movies they make now is an abomination to God.:)

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  6. We noticed the same thing. We start watching a show and then maybe a swear word. We say to ourselves, “Well, maybe that’s the only one, but inevitably there are more.” We just need to shut it off when we realize it has crossed the line. You’re preaching to the choir, girl!

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  7. We all have a chose don’t we? TURN IT OFF if you are unsure! Turn off the phone, the computer and all electronics and do some serious face time in a relationship that is way more important than what we see (which GOD doesn’t want for us) on a screen. Satan is leading all of us down this dangerous path right now……..let’s all search our hearts and ask ourselves: should my eyes “see” this? More and more TV is crossing that dangerous line. Makes me very sad that wholesome is almost non-existent!

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  8. Ah, yes. Been there. Grieved with you over the “loss” of an intriguing story, be it video or book. I love what you wrote: ” that’s ok because the non-fiction relationship I have with my God and pleasing Him has to take front seat than any fictional story ever could.” I hope to be quick to remember that the next time my eyes light upon what it should not.

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  9. Good for you Amy! I’m glad you were able to stop watching. And as long as no one calls them out or stops watching shows like that they will continue pushing the envelope for sex sells. Soon, as John said it could full on “the shots”.

    May many see this post and take heed!

    Thanks for being it further into the light.

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  10. I had to cancel my Netflix because even the titles and shows preview on front page were so horrible, and that was even with having parental controls on. I have Pure Flix now, but I assure you if it were a problem it would go. My son and I intentionally went without a TV for a while and then just an antenna when we needed to keep up with the weather. It was the best time! We spent so much time in God’s word, reading books, and reading hymns to learn them not just sing them. I loved your post, Amy!

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