Heart So Heavy

Joshua-1-9 (1).jpg

Dear heavy heart why are you so low?

Can’t you see Him next to you wherever you go?

Dear heavy heart please don’t fret

Don’t you see all the plans He’s ready to set?

Dear heavy heart you think you’re back is against the wall

Can’t you see He’s about to set you in high places to stand tall?

Dear heavy heart do you still search for what you’ve lost?

Do you know that it’s been found by the One Who paid the cost?

Dear heavy heart why do you weep all the night?

Do you know joy comes in the morning light?


Dear heart so heavy I know your world feels out of control

But never forget Who made the vast seas and caused the thunder to roll

Finally, heavy hearted one…

Do you know your heart can and will be light?

Just remember to let our Lord and Savior will step into your fight.



28 Replies to “Heart So Heavy”

  1. Amy, I think this is the best ever! It is to true. Do we always lean on Him when we are lost or hurting? Isn’t it amazing that our God is there for us 24/7 and loves us no matter what!
    Thank you for sharing your talent!
    Blessings, Elfriede

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