Healing Ancient Wounds


Lord, how do we get around all of that?

How do we turn away from anger and wrath?

Feelings and pain that run so deep

Tossing us through nights of no sleep


Ancient wounds scraped open time and time again.

Memories relived, taking us back from within

Remorse for not getting past this pain years ago

Makes a heart feel tossed to and fro


Rising above them and ourselves can be the only way

And remembering what the Almighty has to say

Love thy Lord with all thy heart

First is where we all must start


Harder yet still is the toughest asked of you and me

To love others the way we want them to love us openly

Can we do this? Can we succeed?

To kneel down in prayer for our enemy and intercede…?






11 Replies to “Healing Ancient Wounds”

  1. If we are truly honest with ourselves it is a very difficult thing to do. But we truly cannot really love God until we start loving our enemies, and He will have to help us to get to this level as we cannot do it in our own strength.

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  2. Sister Amy, seen this on Brother Wally Fry’s blog and I am so like him in this regard, so much so that I have a separate category on my blog for inspirational poetry. It is an honor and joy to reblog this there! Thank you Sis for your continued service to not just the Lord, but to us with this creative gift!!

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      1. I so agree! I have loved writing poetry since I was a young child. But, this is different. Now the poems are inspired by God and he pours the words into my mind and heart, so they reflect him and his character and his heart. And, when he gives us poems which reflect his heart, then they help us even more to worship him. Poetry, especially put to music, really speaks to my heart.

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          1. Oh, I hope you have a great trip! Lord willing, we are moving back to the upstate of South Carolina in August. I know the Lord brought us to TN, for a time, but now he is directing us to move back to SC, so that is our plan, and August is when we hope to be moving. Maybe some day you will be in SC and we can meet face to face. Wouldn’t that be nice! 🙂

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  3. Only in the power of God within us can we do this. Only as we let his love flow out through us can we do this. Only as we remember where we have come from and how much God has forgiven us can we forgive others as Christ has forgiven us.

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