The times you came to repent you were sincere

The ship of your life, how I wish I could steer

Dusting off your knees, you would try again

Only hours would pass before the temptations would begin


Back out to that cruel and mean world you’d go

Hiding away, thinking no one would know

If only you had looked up above your head to the sky

You would’ve seen prayers for your soul as they’d fly


No one really knew what would be your rock bottom

Until the authorities called to say, “We’ve got him.”

Did they know who they held wasn’t really you?

Did they know that you’ve been called of God? A job to do.


A second, maybe third chance you’ve been given

Prayers floating above your head now are, “Lord, keep him driven”

Driven to finish the race, the call asked of him

To share the gospel and help others to repent of sin


So eventhough behind bars you’ll now be kept

You’re free, as now you’re house has been swept

The pain, the loss, the regret can now become history

As you declare and start your own prison ministry

Matt 25b.jpeg



22 Replies to “U-Turn”

      1. It reminds me of a friend’s son who fell away from God. He started using and selling steroids. Even though there were several doing it, he took the fall. He was made an example. While in prison, he started praying again, and started praying for other people there. He earned his fellow prisoners and superiors respect. He actually prayed for someone’s child and they were healed! Also, someone got sick and told them please go get David to pray for me. He was instantly healed! God can and will use you no matter your past mistakes or current circumstances! I pray this person is used also!

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  1. Our greatest witness is sharing with others what God called us out of. Great poem. Prayerfully God WILL show this man who he really is. So the man can share who God really is to those behind bars as well.

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  2. Sometimes we have to hit rock bottom to realize that we have been deceived. It’s just awesome that God never gives up on us, that He is there all the time waiting for us to come to Him so that He can forgive us and received us. He wants to help us to rise above ourselves and go to work for Him! Well written!

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