In The Now


The pieces of me are scattered all over the floor.

As I try to remember who I once was before….

all your chaos. All the undone harm.

That was done to me by your strong arm.


I’m left here wondering how you thought it was right.

To drag me through what you thought was your fight.

Forced to see what can’t be unseen

This ugly world of yours is just so mean.


Because of you, I’m left to pick of the pieces of me.

Because of you, my heart and mind don’t agree.

Because of you, I’m forced to forgive.

Because of you, I simply can’t, so how do I live?


In my mind, revenge is something to look forward to.

But my heart says, “Vengeance doesn’t belong to you.”

Where will I find peace for each broken piece?

From your painful clutches will I ever have release?


I hear a shouted whisper among the clanging of the pieces

I feel a love in Your voice that never decreases…

“Child I will give you life and more abundantly.

Just hold on and listen to my love constantly.”


“Your wounded spirit is about to fly.

For your pain and anger are going to finally die.

Forgiveness will come to you as I show you how

to love like I love, to not look back and to live in the now.”




23 Replies to “In The Now”

  1. Hi Amy, thank you for stopping by earlier and allowing me the privilege to discover your beautiful writings. Such talent is definitely God send. I look forward to going through the rest of your feed to be fed 😊 Blessings πŸ™πŸ½

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    1. Blessings to you. I enjoyed your testimony on becoming a mama at such a young age. You are so very fortunate to have parents that helped you and stood beside you! I look forward to following you as well

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  2. Amy, this is beautifully expressed, and incredibly moving. Thank you for sharing so transparently your heart, and God’s healing love in the midst of heart-wrenching pain. Blessings as you continue to bring healing truth through your writing. β™₯

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