The Old Man

Someone was knocking on my door other day.

Someone wanting, shoving, trying to push their way.

Peering out my windows of reasoning.

I saw an old man full of life’s seasoning.


In his hand he’s holding a bag of tricks.

Beckoning me to the door, telling me has a fix.

I open the door simply to stop the noise of his knocking.

But when he takes off his hood, the sight I see is so shocking!


My own reflection staring back me almost knocks me to the floor.

The untamed, unchanged me from way before.

Pulling out her bag, I see anger and shame…

The sin, the drugs, the lying game.


The “old man” was knocking on my heart’s door.

Trying to rise up in me, trying to take more.

The “old man” once had his way

But beware, because he’s always at bay.


Jesus help me for I never want to be

the “old man,” for him and your spirit do not agree.

Make me new, help me to abstain as much as I can

So that I may show others how to close the door on their old man.



19 Replies to “The Old Man”

  1. That “old man” knock can be so subtle, or a banging, or anywhere in-between. Sometimes we peek out and see who it is, and we don’t answer. Sometimes we’re distracted by life “stuff,” and we open the door without thinking. Sometimes we know who it is and we invite him in.

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  2. Wow–I really love that poem. May we never go back to our former ways whatever they may be, but if we do I am so glad that I serve a God who is always willing to pick me up when I fall. May we all put on the full armor of God so that the enemy will not be able to penetrate!!

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  3. Amy, that is so true. The “Old Man” is always lurking around and trying to enter into our minds. Putting on the “Helmet of Salvation” every day is a great help to not have to let those thoughts get a hold in your mind and try to distract you from God’s will for your life for that day. Great message! Blessings, Elfriede

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