I wish you could see the influence you sent my way

How you drove me as a child to the Lord’s house every Sunday.

No matter what may come I’m gonna serve Him

Even when the outlook appears very grim.

Each night I’m gonna bow my head and pray

For you, my daddy, and for God to have His way…

In your life and in your heart

Before the chemo and radiation is to start.

My prayer is that heaven has your attention

That your heart could be taken to a whole new dimension.

Daddy, in our struggles is where we can find salvation.

Where the Almighty clears away our vexation.

My wonderful father, your fear no longer needs concealed

For by His stripes all can be healed.

Until you and the rest of the family join me at the alter

Know that I stand in the gap for you all, my faith will not falter.

Vanessa- As God surely provides for this lovely ladybug you so beautifully captured, so will He provide strength and comfort for your father recently diagnosed with cancer.

Reader…you can read Vanessa’s testimony here.

If you’d like to comment on this post titled “Daddy” you may comment on Vanessa’s testimony. Link provided above.


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